Question: WHO DIES IN NO EXIT book?

Also, he is the one who comes and checks on Jay while she is in the car. He brings food and turns on the car heater to keep her warm. It’s tragic that Lars dies at the hands of his brother Ash.

What happens at the end of No Exit book?

Darby works free from the wall and attacks Lars, who Ash mistakenly shoots. She attempts to flee with Jay in the car, but Ash shoots out her tires. After a brief shootout with a lone disbelieving policeman, Darby can radio for help. Ultimately, the plot remains the same, with a few details changed for dramatic effect.

Who is the kidnapper in No Exit book?

It turns out Ash is Lars’ partner and he is the one who kidnapped her. Ash reaches the car, however, by then, Darby has escaped.