The Secrets She Keeps Spoilers & Ending Synopsis (Michael Robotham)

Meghan had an event with Jack’s friend as well as the child could be his. Agatha was seriously out of balance. She fabricated her maternity with the strategy of kidnapping Meghan’s child quickly after birth to work off as her very own. She does wind up kidnapping Baby Ben right out of the health center. And also her strategy benefits a bit up until the infant gets ill. Agatha goes to conflict with the voices in her head, however she ultimately accepts offer the infant back.

In the closing mins of The Secrets She Keeps’ penultimate episode, child-abductor Agatha dashed with swiped child Benjamin. 12 days previously, in a conscious kidnapping, she would certainly taken Baby Ben from medical facility hrs after he was birthed and also– after putting on a phony maternity prosthetic for months, acted that she had actually brought to life him.

The Secrets She Keeps Spoilers & Ending Synopsis

Ben had problem feeding from a container and also came to be ill with a high temperature as well as thought meningitis. Agatha rejected to look for clinical focus for him, being afraid that his real identification would certainly be found if she took him to health center. At some point, her sweetheart Hayden as well as his mom compelled her to take ‘Rory’ to the surgical treatment, yet when the medical professional demanded confessing him to healthcare facility, Agatha ran away with him, throwing out her cellphone to make sure that she could not be mapped.

Agatha took Ben to the tomb of her stillborn little girl Chloe, where 2 more tombs were exposed– later uncovered to be those of 2 previous kidnapping sufferers both of whom were children that had actually died in Agatha’s treatment.

Agatha provided Ben anti-biotics which minimized his high temperature, as well as concealed in the storage room at the grocery store where she utilized to function. She swiped child products, cellphones, cash money and also the proprietor’s weapon, and also mosted likely to a train terminal. There, she telephoned sweetheart Hayden as well as informed him that she was prepared to provide Ben back to his mom Meghan, however just to her and also no one else. With the authorities eavesdroping to the call, she informed Hayden to inform Meghan to fulfill her at 11am at ‘the location you took us’– implying the Australian Maritime Museum.

Agatha called Meghan’s phone, which was being held at the police headquarters while she was provided a reproduction to utilize, to set up the handover. Meghan discreetly exchanged her reproduction phone for the actual one and also stole it, hence making herself offered to Agatha without cops disturbance. She wished to do the handover personally, however the authorities would not permit her to take the danger recognizing that Agatha remained in ownership of a weapon.

The cops placed a Meghan lookalike in position at the handover factor, yet Hayden– desiring and also disliking the cops to assist Agatha retreat– had actually intentionally misguided them of the area. He would certainly sent them to an art gallery, while Agatha and also Ben waited at the Maritime Museum. Leaving authorities custodianship, Hayden fulfilled Agatha at the gallery and also attempted to obtain her to offer him the child, and also to take five thousand bucks to get away.

By the time the cops understood that Hayden had actually sent them to them a phony area, Agatha had actually currently called Meghan’s genuine phone as well as informed her where to go. Meghan left the police headquarters and also mosted likely to challenge Agatha.

At the gallery, Meghan persuaded Agatha to allow her nurse Ben, that was starving. Agatha drew the weapon on her as well as intimidated to fire when Meghan had the child. An authorities sniper after that aligned a shot on Agatha, however rather, she shot on her very own head and also most likely passed away.

A short time in the future, the Shaughnessys hold Ben’s christening. Meghan and also Jack are still with each other as well as she hasn’t informed him concerning her fling with his friend Simon (that is most likely to be Ben’s natural father). To maintain the secret regarding Ben’s real parentage, Meghan takes a DNA swab from her older child as well as swaps it for the swab she extracts from Ben, therefore guaranteeing the outcomes will certainly ‘show’ that Ben is Jack’s youngster, although he likely isn’t.

The last mins reveal Meghan assuring in voiceover that she would certainly do anything for her youngsters and also to maintain her family members with each other, while we see Agatha– that in some way endured the self-inflicted gunfire– behind bars and also still really feeling envious as well as resentful in the direction of Meghan, living the life she constantly desired.