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Adam Cushman is the head of Red 14 Films, an LA-based company that produces cinematic book trailers. A

dam‘s novel CUT was released by Black Mountain Press in 2014 and won the Asheville Prize for best first novel. He holds an MFA from Columbia University and has published over 40 short stories. He’s the writer and director of the feature film RESTRAINT, which releases in 2015.

About Red 14 Films: Our goal has been and always will be to create state-of-the-art cinematic book trailers at affordable prices.

Cinematic book trailers are not advertisements. They’re someplace in between a trailer and a short film. They’re a lot like music videos. Not in terms of content. In terms of form. Music videos aren’t direct advertisements and they’re not short films either.

They’re a hybrid of film, music and advertising. The typical “book trailer” fails because it fails to be permanent. It barely succeeds in being relevant. That’s mostly due to poor quality standards. Slideshows.

Still frames. Amateur and otherwise. You’ve seen them. Cinematic Book Trailers remain with the book as long as the book is out there. They’re stand-alone works of art, and we create them with the idea of giving the viewer just a taste of the book: the tone, the pacing, the details, enough to create an interest in the book and its author.