Was bitten based on a book?

What is bitten by Kelley Armstrong about?

Tired of a life spent hiding and protecting, a life where her most important job is hunting down rogue werewolves. Tired of a world that not only accepts the worst in her–her temper, her violence—but requires it. Worst of all, she realizes she’s growing content with that life, with being that person.

How many books are in the bitten series by Kelley Armstrong?

The series began in 2001 with Bitten, featuring werewolf Elena Michaels. It continued for thirteen novels, introducing other supernatural characters–witches, ghosts, necromancers, half-demons–and spinning off to their stories, and expanding the series into a multi-narrator fantasy world.

Is bitten a romance?

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

I’m including the excellent source material, obviously. Bitten is the first novel in Armstrong’s Otherworld series, with 13 books in all. And it’s also my favorite, as it sets up the almost-unhealthily-in-love dynamic between Clay and Elena.

Why is Elena the only female werewolf?

As I mentioned, Elena is the only female werewolf in Armstrong’s supernatural world. This is because the gene that creates a hereditary werewolf is on the Y chromosome, so it’s only inherited by males.

Does Elena end up with clay?

In the end Elena realizes that Stonehaven is her home, and that she loves Clayton. Which she had been fighting for several years. After the death of two pack members, as well as the deaths of the attacking Mutts, Elena decides to stay with her pack, and with Clay.

What did Elena do to Victor?

Throughout Bitten

Elena managed to follow him to a secluded spot, where she jumped him while he slept, and tied him down with the seatbelt of his car, and then slit his wrists.

Who Bit Clayton Danvers?

At age 7, he was bitten by Malcolm Danvers, and was found and adopted by Jeremy Danvers a year later.

Was bitten Cancelled?

Syfy aired the final season premiere of Bitten last week. Recently, star Laura Vandervoort spoke with Collider about the end of the supernatural series and what fans can expect. Bitten was cancelled back in December.

What kind of books does Kelley Armstrong write?

Kelley Armstrong (born 14 December 1968) is a Canadian writer, primarily of fantasy novels since 2001.

How old is clay in bitten?

Clay is one of only two characters known to have sought out the bite of a Werewolf and is also the youngest to have been successfully turned, somewhere around the age of five or six.

What is the first book in the Rockton series?

Series List in Order

Order Title Date
1 City of the Lost May-2016
2 A Darkness Absolute Feb-2017
3 This Fallen Prey Feb-2018
4 Watcher in the Woods Feb-2019

What is a mutt in Bitten?

Mutt: Mutts are werewolves who are not members of Packs
they are rogues who drift here and there as they are not allowed to settle because that would be equivalent to claiming territory, and mutts cannot have territory.

Who is Alpha in Bitten?

Current Alpha:

Elena Michaels – Pack Alpha of the North American Werewolf Pack.

Who is Nick in Bitten?

Steve Lund

Nick Sorrentino
Portrayed By Steve Lund
Season(s) 1, 2, 3
First Appearance Summons
Last Appearance Truth, Changes, Everything

What episode does Elena get pregnant?

Black Hole Sun (The Vampire Diaries)

“Black Hole Sun”
The Vampire Diaries episode
Episode no. Season 6 Episode 4
Directed by Kellie Cyrus
Written by Melinda Hsu Taylor Neil Reynolds

How did Elena become Alpha?

Elena is a pack werewolf who was bitten by her lover Clayton Danvers. Elena becomes Pack Alpha after Jeremy Danvers steps down. She first appeared in the novel Bitten (2001).

Is there a season 4 bitten?

Bitten: Syfy Series Ending
No Season Four. It’s been announced that there won’t be a fourth season of the Bitten TV show. The supernatural Canadian series, which airs on Syfy in the United States, will return for its third and final season in 2016.

Who ends up together in Vampire Diaries?

Instead, The Vampire Diaries series finale reunited Damon and Elena, and Stefan died saving everyone. The original ending of The Vampire Diaries hasn’t been much of a secret. Plec revealed in 2017 they had a solid ending planned since season 2.

Who does Klaus end up with?

Of its many romantic storylines, viewers were the most delighted to see the spinoff revisit Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes‘ romance in season 5. Klaus and Caroline were one of The Vampire Diaries’ most shipped couples, even though they never officially got together.

Who does Alaric end up with?

Eventually Alaric fell in love with Caroline and proposed to her. Although Caroline does not return those feelings, she still said ‘yes’ because it would be the best for Lizzie and Josie. However, Alaric broke up with Caroline as of the end of Season Seven.

What happens to Philip in bitten?

Philip McAdams was Elena’s human boyfriend who she kept out of the supernatural however unfortunately this lead to his gruesome murder.

Philip McAdams
Cause of Death Beheaded
Killed By Malcolm Danvers
Relationship Information

What episode does Elena confront Victor?

Titled “What Happened,” the eighth episode of the second season explores the aftermath of the emotional cliffhanger. Nearly a year has passed since Elena and Victor have spoken.

What did Antonio say to Nick in bitten?

Antonio is killed in an ambush by the Mutts after being stabbed multiple times in the chest. Before he dies, he whispers to Nick the name of his mother so that his son will have the choice of deciding whether or not he wants to have a relationship with her.

What happens to Logan in bitten?

Sacrificing everything to track her down, including his ties to The Pack and his practice, Logan is caught in a downward spiral that can only be fixed by facing the truth about his relationship with Rachel. He later dies to protect Rachel and Jeremy from Alastair.

How many bitten books are there?

There are 5 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

Did Netflix remove Bitten?

Syfy’s Bitten will be departing Netflix in the US in its entirety by the end of May 2020.

Does Bitten have a good ending?

We see Kane off on a road trip adventure and we see Elena and Clay walking the grounds of their new home. We then go back to the present as Elena, Clay, Jeremy and Alexei watch from the distance as Stonehaven burns. They all leave to live their lives. So ends Bitten.