What age is the book Milkweed for?

For ages 10 and up.

Is Milkweed a true story?

Despite being a historical fiction novel, Doctor Korczak, a minor character in the story is based on a real person named Janusz Korczak. Milkweed is the tale of a boy with no identity at a time when one’s identity could mean the difference between life and death.

What is the problem in Milkweed book?

In Milkweed, by Jerry Spinelli the main conflict is person vs. person. Throughout the story, Misha has an external conflict with the jackboots. Misha never really understands the actual external conflict here: it is between himself and the Nazi party.

Why is the book Milkweed called Milkweed?

It is the story of a young boy who is taken in by a group of other orphans who are also struggling to survive and avoid the Nazis. The novel is named Milkweed after the milkweed plant, a symbol or survival and endurance, which appears several times in the narrative of the novel.

How old is Misha in milkweed?

Misha is described as a short and scrawny boy. He runs extremely quickly due to his size and is around eight years old at the beginning of the novel.

Is milkweed a movie?

“Milkweed” is a Minnesota-made animated feature adaptation of Jerry Spinelli’s award-winning young adult novel.

How did Uri save Misha?

But how would that have saved him? He shot his ear so it would look like he was dead, when he actually just fainted. Germans would have killed him if he was alive. So Uri saved him.

What do angels symbolize in milkweed?

Angel imagery is repeated throughout Milkweed. Misha sees his first angel in the form of a statue above a gravestone. The angel takes many forms throughout the novel but continues to represent the human soul and the possibility of continued existence after death.

Why does Uri shoot Misha in milkweed?

On the day of the deportations, Uri (who’s wearing a Nazi uniform) shoots Misha in the ear. Misha eventually comes to understand that Uri was secretly serving with the German Army, but that he was trying to spare Misha from death in a concentration camp. Misha believes the real Uri was a good person at heart.

How did the story milkweed end?

At the end of the story, Jack plants milkweed in their yard. He tells them it is an “angel plant”. While holding Wendy Janina in his lap, he reflects on all the names he has been given throughout his life: “Call me thief.

Why did Misha desperately want to believe in angels?

Why did Misha desperately want to believe in angels? Because Misha has never believed in anything before, so the idea of angels sounded great.

Why did Spinelli write Milkweed?

I put milkweed in the story because I wanted you to look out for the small uplifting, upward moving stuff even in all the horror.

What does the Milkweed plant symbolize?

Milkweeds symbolize remembrance, dignity and freedom.

Where does Uri take the extra bread that Misha steals?

Where does Uri take the extra bread that Misha steals? Uri takes the bread to the orphanage. At the end of chapter nine, the narrator says, “That was how it started”.

Why did Misha run off with the girl’s birthday cake?

Why did Misha run off with the girl’s birthday cake? He thought that the people were trying to burn down the cake and so he blew out the candles and ran off with it so that they would not continue “burning” the cake down.

Where do the children hide during the bombing at the funeral Milkweed?

Milgrom in her grave, bombs start to fall around the city. Mr. Milgrom and the children hide in the grave with Mrs. Milgrom.

Who did Jerry Spinelli marry?

Is Leo in love Stargirl?

Leo Borlock is Stargirl’s former love interest from Mica, Arizona. During the time of this novel, she is writing the world’s longest letter to Leo, documenting her days and adventures with her new friends and difficulties in her new town.

What genre is Stargirl?


Who are the four main characters in milkweed?

Milkweed Characters

  • Stopthief / Misha Pilsudski. At the beginning of the story, Stopthief is a young orphan boy living on the streets of Warsaw, Poland, stealing food to survive.
  • Janina Milgrom.
  • Uri.
  • Mr.
  • Mrs.
  • Uncle Shepsel.
  • Doctor Korczak.
  • Buffo.

Why does Misha talk on the street corners?

Misha returns to street corners, talking about everything he saw in Warsaw. He realizes that it was important for him to talk, to speak the truth of what happened to him.

What are finches in Milkweed?

The boys speak of “finches,” people who tell Jackboots where Jewish people are hiding (64).

Why did Misha work hard to find an egg for Janina?

Despite not knowing the definition of happiness, Misha desperately tries to find pickled eggs, Janina’s favorite food, in order to make her happy again.

What does the cow symbolize in milkweed?

The cow is another embodiment of hope and survival in Spinelli’s Milkweed. The creature is also a physical manifestation of people’s hunger.

How does Janina treat the flops?

How does Janina treat the Flops? She would call them names, throw stones at them, and sneak behind them to whack their legs with a metal pipe.

Who believed in angels in milkweed?

Misha wonders about the nature and existence of angels throughout the story. He decides he believes in them, eventually associating them with delicate puffs of milkweed that sail on the breeze, and implicitly with his beloved sister Janina (after she is taken from the ghetto on a deportation train).