What happens in Greenwich Park book?

Helen is the daughter of a famous architect, lives with her husband in her expansive childhood home on the edge of Greenwich Park, and is twenty-four weeks pregnant with their first child. Her life seems perfect — until, well, it isn’t. As the book — and Helen’s pregnancy — progresses, her life slowly unravels.

Who is Katie in Greenwich Park?

Helen’s friend Katie is a journalist who is covering a rape case where two privileged young white men are accused of raping a young woman, and initially I thought it was just part of the narrative to introduce Katie.

Who owns Greenwich Park?

The Royal Parks

Greenwich Park
Operated by The Royal Parks
Public transit access Maze Hill Greenwich
Website Official website

Who owns Hampstead Heath?

The heath is managed by the City of London Corporation, and lies mostly within the London Borough of Camden with the adjoining Hampstead Heath Extension and Golders Hill Park in the London Borough of Barnet.

How many trees are there in Greenwich Park?

There are nearly 4000 trees in Greenwich Park.

Who lived in Greenwich Park?

The Danes occupied Greenwich several times in the early 11th century and raised protective earthworks in what is now the park. After the Norman conquest, the area became a large manor. In 1427, Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester inherited the land.