What happens in She’s Come Undone?

Following the accidental death of her mother, Dolores decides to attend the academically underwhelming Merton College in Pennsylvania. There Dolores is ridiculed for her weight and cultivates a secret obsession with her roommate’s long-distance boyfriend, Dante, who sends love letters and nude photos in the mail.

Is she’s come undone a good book?

She’s Come Undone is a deeply affecting, often hilarious novel that centers around one of the most extraordinary characters in recent American fiction: wisecracking, ever-vulnerable Dolores Price, whose life we follow through her fortieth year.

What kind of book is she’s come undone?

She’s Come Undone

How old is Dolores She’s Come Undone?

Text: WALLY LAMB has written his first novel in the arresting voice of Dolores Price, a 40-year-old woman who recounts in scrupulous detail her harrowing progress into adulthood. In “She’s Come Undone,” an ambitious, often stirring and hilarious book, Mr.

Who is Dante in She’s Come Undone?

Dolores learns that Dante works as a high school English teacher. He’s disappointed with his life, however. He always wanted to become a priest. The two-start dating, and soon after, they marry.

Who is the author of She’s Come Undone?

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What does it mean to come undone?

(colloquial) To become disintegrated, to break into parts or pieces. quotations ▼synonym ▲ Synonym: fall apart. (figuratively) To come to ruin, to fail. He came undone when his wife refused to support him.

How do I find a book by plot?

How to Find a Book Title by Plot or Vague Description?

  1. #Step 1: Write Down the Details.
  2. #Step 2: Use Google (or another search engine)
  3. #Step 3: Consult Reddit.
  4. #Step 4: Ask Your Social Media Circle.
  5. #Step 5: Ask a librarian.

When was she’s come undone written?

Wally Lamb is one of those authors. In 1992, he wrote She’s Come Undone, the coming-of-age story of Dolores Price, who grapples with food, sex, whales (symbolically), and Etch-a-Sketches (literally) through grade school, college, a psychiatric hospital, and beyond.

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Does Oprah’s book club still exist?

More than two decades’ worth of celebrated titles. Since 1996, Oprah’s Book Club has selected books that engender conversation, spark enlightenment, help launch emerging authors, and reacquaint us with the already prominent.

What is Oprah’s newest book club book?

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What means kingdom come?

noun. the next world
the hereafter
. Informal. a place or future time seemingly very remote: You could keep it up till kingdom come.

Can’t be undone meaning?

what is done cannot be undone. You cannot reverse, change, or take back that which has already happened. This is a delicate situation, so you can’t act impulsively. Keep in mind that what is done cannot be undone. See also: cannot, done, undone, what.

Has Come Undone synonym?

“Now tie two square knots with the cording and cut the cord as close as you can without letting the knots come undone.”What is another word for coming undone?

falling apart losing control
losing it going bonkers
falling apart at the seams having breakdown
becoming demented coming apart at seams

How do you find a missing book?

How do you find a missing book?

  1. Places to Look for Lost Library Books. First things first, try to remember what the book/s looked like: How big was it?
  2. Around the House. In the car (also check under the seats) Under the baby’s car seat.
  3. Around Town. At the doctor’s or dentist’s office.
  4. At School. In the vehicle of whoever you ride to school with.

How can I find a book?

Search within a book

  1. Go to Google Books.
  2. Search for the title, author, ISBN, or keywords.
  3. Click a title.
  4. Under the title, click Search inside.
  5. In the window, at the top, click Search in this book type your search click Search .

How do I find my next book?

How To Find Your Next Great Read

  1. FantasticFiction. FantasticFiction is an online resource that you can use to look up information about both books and authors.
  2. Literature Map.
  3. Whichbook.
  4. New York Times Bestseller Lists.
  5. Bookbub.
  6. Goodreads.
  7. Readgeek.
  8. Epic Reads.