What happens in the book the elite?

It is narrated by America Singer, a 17-year-old girl who is selected to compete with 35 other girls to become Prince Maxon’s wife and become queen. The Elite tells the story at the stage in the competition where there are only six girls left and tensions are high from both the competition and the dangerous rebels.

How many books are in the elite?

There are 7 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

What genre is the elite by Kiera Cass?

The Elite

What happens at the end of the elite book?

He tells America that he respects Kriss’ boundaries, and he would rather have been in America’s arms, but he turned to Celeste to pretend someone loved him. At the end of the novel, America realizes that she is in love with Maxon and decides to work to win his trust.

Who does Marlee marry in the Selection?

Carter Woodwork is a supporting character in The Selection Series, but doesn’t make an appearance until The Elite. He is the husband of Marlee Tames and father of the Selected Kile Woodwork and Josie Woodwork.

What book does Marlee get caned?

At the beginning of Prince Maxon’s Selection, Marlee got extensions in her hair during the makeover. Her hands are scarred from the caning in The Elite.

How old is Aspen in the selection?

It’d be hard enough if Aspen and his family were just Sixes, but Aspen’s dad died three years ago, which means that this eighteen-year-old is now his family’s main provider.

Who does America marry in the selection series?

After the attack, she finds indeed that Maxon is alive. He proposes to her and she gladly, in tears, accepts. They marry at the end of The One and Maxon calls her “my dear”.

Is classroom of the elite novel over?

Classroom of the Elite wasn’t cancelled, it was just to promote the LN.

What is the theme of the elite?

What sets the gritty teen drama Elite apart from other teen media lies in how the show handles complex themes, such as racism and homosexuality. It contains overt sexual motifs that delve into freedom, pleasure, and sexual liberation.

How old is America in the selection?

America Singer is sixteen-year-old girl. She and her family live in Illéa, which is set up by a numerical caste system. The Singer family are Fives, which means they are required to work as artists and musicians.

How old was Maxon in the selection?

If Maxon wasn’t the prince and if he was able to choose his career as a photographer, his caste would be a 5, like America said in The One. Maxon was originally set to be 23 years old, as stated in a deleted scene. Maxon’s hobbies include photography and hunting.

Does Aspen and America get caught?

The One. Somewhere between the middle to end of the book, he catches America and Maxon making out on his bed with only their underwear on. He is shocked by this, but doesn’t say anything. When America tries to explain to Aspen what had happened, Maxon catches them together.

Is America’s Dad a rebel?

Shalom Singer was a supporting character in The Selection Series. He was America Singer’s father. Shalom was a Five and a Northern rebel.

What happens to Kriss in the Selection?

Following her loss in the Selection, Kriss returned to Columbia to start over. She left the palace feeling upset about coming in second but the impact didn’t fully hit her until Maxon and America’s wedding.

Do Maxon and America get married in the Selection?

He tells her his plans to dissolve the castes, starting with the Eights merging with the Sevens. He then proposes to her
America accepts. In the book’s epilogue, it is America and Maxon’s wedding and coronation day, when they will be joined as man and wife and crowned as the new King and Queen of Illéa.

Who is Ashley in the Selection?

Ashley Brouillette was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Three chosen for the Selection.

What is Marlee’s last name in the Lions of Little Rock?

Marlee Nisbett

Marlee is a math prodigy but never raises her hand in class and only has one friend who doesn’t share any of her interests. Marlee’s life is transformed when she meets Liz, and they become fast friends.

What happens to Anne in the one?

America offered to talk to Aspen in her favor, without knowing that Lucy also had feelings for him. However, when America spoke with him and revealed Anne’s interest, Aspen thought of her as “too rigid.” Anne was killed during the Southern rebels’ attack at the end of The One.

Who does Princess Eadlyn choose?

Princess Eadlyn fell in love with Eikko (Erik) Koskinen, who was not in the Selection and married him.

Is the Selection a movie?

YES!”. The movie will follow the events of the book which pits 35 girls against each other for a chance to live amongst the wealthy.

How old is Celeste in the Selection?


Gender Female
Age 18
Status Deceased
Spouse None

How old is May in the Selection?

May is America’s thirteen-year-old mini-me. The only thing fierier than her attitude is her bright red hair, both of which are attributes she shares with her older sister and her dearest mommy.

Does Aspen Leger have kids?

In The Heir, Aspen and Lucy struggle to have a child, but with years of treatments, several miscarriages and three failed adoptions, they decide to accept that it’s over and let it go, but Lucy still can’t believe she’ll never be a mother. “Prior to the caste system, the Leger family name was Huntington.”

Who ends up with Maxon in the Selection?

Kriss was one of the final two Maxon chose to marry, but he told America he would marry her. However, Maxon and Kriss saw America close to Aspen in the hallway and Maxon realized that he was correct in his suspicion that America had been seeing Aspen and changed his mind into marrying Kriss out of anger and hurt.

Does Maxon sleep with America?

They do not have sex. America catches Maxon kissing and making out with the other girls.

Who did Ayanokoji end up with?

In the epilogue of volume 11.5, Kiyotaka declares his love for her and she accepts. He told her that he only hung out with Hiyori to see whether she would get jealous. Her emotions were about to burst out before he comforted her by calling out her name which made her heart skip a beat.

What is Ayanokoji IQ?

So in conclusion, I would assume that ayanokoji would be somewhere around L, highball 250 lowball 210. So around 230-ish, since the highest IQ recorded was 220, but that would still place ayano several levels higher than einstein. 1.

Why won’t Classroom of the Elite get a season 2?

As is often the case with anime adaptations, “Classroom of the Elite” was unable to adapt the entirety of its source material. As a result, fans are still waiting for the onset of a second season.