What is a good psychological thriller to read?

What is a psychological thriller novel?

Psychological thriller is a genre combining the thriller and psychological fiction genres. It is commonly used to describe literature or films that deal with psychological narratives in a thriller or thrilling setting.

What is the most suspenseful book ever written?

1. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Perhaps the best-known murder mystery of all time, And Then There Were None absolutely epitomizes suspense. Ten strangers meet on an isolated British isle at the behest of their oddly absent hosts.

Is the silent patient a good book?

Alex Michaelides’ The Silent Patient is the must-read thriller of 2019, an instant New York Times and Sunday Times #1 bestseller. Stephen Fry described it as “absolutely brilliant”, and it took home the Goodreads Choice Award last year for best mystery/thriller.

Is the silent patient a movie?

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides, a psychological thriller released in February 2019, has a movie adaptation in the works.

What genre is The Secret History?

The Secret History

Is the silent patient worth reading?

Objectively speaking: It’s a good book. The premise is gold. The writing is solid. If I’m being honest: I don’t love mystery/thriller books (I actually prefer mystery/thriller movies), but don’t regret reading this one.

What lies between us Marrs summary?

This latest John Marrs creation tells the story of Maggie and Nina, two women sharing a house, but it’s not just the house they share, because these two have a history full of deep, dark secrets which have brought them to the situation they find themselves in today, much of this history is unknown to Nina, and that is …

Is death note a psychological thriller?

For critics, the psychological series Death Note can be described as nothing less than a masterpiece. The two-season anime is mentally challenging and gripping from the beginning of the pilot episode, a quality that American television often lacks.

Why do people read psychological thrillers?

Psychological thrillers explore their characters’ innermost thoughts and motivations, allowing us to examine how their decisions propel the plot forward into the extremes of human ethics and morality. The genre prompts us to consider the darkness in others and ourselves.

What is a dark thriller?

Thrillers are dark, engrossing, and suspenseful plot-driven stories. They very seldom include comedic elements.

Who is the best psychological thriller author?

Eight of The Greatest Psychological Thriller and Suspense Books of All Time

  • Strangers on a Train. Patricia Highsmith
    Paula Hawkins (Introduction by)
  • Gone Girl. Gillian Flynn.
  • The Silence of the Lambs. Thomas Harris.
  • Misery. Stephen King.
  • Talented Mr Ripley. Patricia Highsmith.
  • Your House Will Pay.
  • Shutter Island.
  • Rebecca.


Who is the best suspense author?

Here’s your list of the top suspense authors that you’ll want to explore if you love this genre.

  1. Gillian Flynn. Gillian Flynn is an American New York Times bestselling author.
  2. Agatha Christie.
  3. Daphne du Maurier.
  4. Harlan Coben.
  5. 5. Lee Child.
  6. Patricia Highsmith.
  7. Stephen King.
  8. Alex Michaelides.


Who is the best thriller writer?

Dame Agatha Christie holds the title of bestselling fiction author of all time, having sold an estimated 2 billion copies of her 78 crime novels.

What’s the twist in The Silent Patient?

What is the twist in The Silent Patient? The twist in The Silent Patient comes as the reader realizes that Theo, in fact, was the “masked man” that prompted the murder by Alicia.

Is The Silent Patient a true story Alex?

A woman murders her husband and stops speaking in a thriller inspired by Greek myth. For his debut novel, The Silent Patient, Alex Michaelides tapped into his heritage, his childhood, and his work in film.

How did The Silent Patient end?

The book ends with the police coming to question him about the diary. The big twist is when you realize that they are two different timelines (one before the murder, the other after) being told at once, and Theo was the “masked man” that prompted the murder (though Alicia is the one who actually did it).

Is The Silent Patient for teens?

I would give The Silent Patient an age rating of 15 and up. It has some sexual content without detail, violence, and a few moments that may be triggering for some.

Will Verity be a movie?

Verity is a potential film based on the book of the same name, written by Colleen Hoover. In October 2021 it was announced that the project is currently in development at Amazon Studios with Nick Antosca and Alex Hedlund producing.

Is there a part 2 to The Silent Patient?

Part 2, Chapter 1 Summary: “Alicia Berenson’s Diary”

They are buried alive, and will come forth later, in uglier ways” (61). The first chapter of Part 2 consists of excerpts from Alicia Berenson’s diary, ranging from July 16-21.

What age should you read The Secret History?

Overall, my age rating would be 13+.

What year does the goldfinch take place?

On Oct. 12, 1654, the young Fabritius was living in the western Netherlands town of Delft when a gunpowder warehouse exploded after a worker inspected the area with a lantern.

Is Hampden college real?

“The Secret History” is an inverted detective story centered around a group of eccentric Classics students set in the 1980s at the fictional Hampden College, a small, elite liberal arts school in rural Vermont (not dissimilar to Middlebury).

How long does it take to read The Silent Patient?

The average reader will spend 5 hours and 25 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Is The Silent Patient appropriate for 13 year olds?

The Silent Patient is only suitable for children above 15.

What lies between us ending John Marrs?

I also liked the fact that What Lies Between Us doesn’t have a happily ever after. It has a heart-wrenchingly sad ending, which is befitting given how dark the rest of the novel is. I would have been disappointed if the novel had simply ended with Maggie being discovered and Nina going to prison.

What lies between John Marrs Goodreads?

They say every house has its secrets, and the house that Maggie and Nina have shared for so long is no different. Except that these secrets are not buried in the past. Every other night, Maggie and Nina have dinner together.

What is the meaning of lie between?

n. a satisfactory compromise between two opposed things
a course of action or state that is between two extremes.