What is Flush book?

Noah’s dad is sure that the owner of the Coral Queen casino boat is flushing raw sewage into the harbor–which has made taking a dip at the local beach like swimming in a toilet. He can’t prove it though, and so he decides that sinking the boat will make an effective statement.

What happened in the book Flush?

Flush by Carl Hiaasen is the story of Noah Underwood, a youngster who lives in the Florida Keys with his mother, father and younger sister. Life is carefree for young Noah spending his days fishing, snorkeling, boating and hanging with friends and sister in the warm Floridian surf and sun.

Why is Flush a good book?

Part mystery, part caper, this environmental novel has action, humor, a bit of suspense, and some interesting characters. Flush is like a Hardy Boys book with potty humor.

Is the book Flush a movie?

Flush is an upcoming film based on the book by Carl Hiassen. Coming soon in 2020’s.

Who wrote the book Flush?

How old is Noah in Flush?

Noah Underwood is the approximately twelve-year-old narrator and protagonist at the center of Flush.

Who is Donna in Flush?

1 Answers. Donna Underwood from Flush is Noah’s mother, she put in the position of loving her husband but also loving whats best for her children.

What’s the climax in Flush?

The climax in the novel, Flush, takes place when Noah sneaks aboard the casino boat where he meets Shelly. Shelly sneaks Noah into the bathroom, where the two simultaneously pour fuchsia dye into the toilets.

Who burned down the Coral Queen?

It turns out that Jasper Jr. and his friend Bull were the culprits of the fire. They had stolen beer and cigars, and Jasper choked while trying to smoke one, sending the cigar into a box of fireworks that burned down the Coral Queen.

Who is Shelly from flush?

Shelly is Lice’s girlfriend…… and Muleman’s former girlfriend. When Lice mysteriously disappears, Shelly helps Noah and Abbey with their plan to shut down the Coral Queen.

Is flush realistic fiction?

Flush is a young adult novel by Carl Hiaasen first published in 2005, and set in Hiaasen’s native Florida.Flush (novel)

First edition cover
Author Carl Hiaasen
Country United States
Language English
Genre Realistic Fiction

What reading level is the book flush?


Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 4 – 8 59559

What Carl Hiaasen books have been made into movies?

Carl Hiaasen

What should I read if I like Carl Hiaasen?

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What is Noah’s dad’s name in Flush?

Noah’s father, Paine Underwood, is in jail for sinking the Coral Queen casino boat because its operator, Dusty Muleman, is illegally dumping sewage into the ocean.

How did Noah’s parents meet in Flush?

Noah’s parents met in a line at the court house while waiting to pay speeding tickets.

Where did the book Flush take place?

“Flush” by Carl Hiaasen takes place in a small unnamed town in the Florida Keys. The protagonist, Noah Underwood, and his family live in what appears to be in a modest, middle class neighborhood.

What was the last straw that made Dad give up on going after Dusty?

What was the “last straw” that made Dad give up on going after Dusty? Abby risked her neck to videotape the Coral Queen. Mom threatened to divorce him if he didn’t give up.

Who is the main protagonist of Flush?

Noah Underwood is the main protagonist of the best-selling novel Flush by Carl Hiaasen.

Who is Jasper Muleman Jr in Flush?

Unfortunately, Noah runs into Jasper Muleman Jr., Dusty’s son, at the marina the next day, and they argue. Noah pays a visit to Lice Peeking and meets his girlfriend Shelly. He asks Lice to help his dad prove that Dusty Muleman is dumping the holding tank of the Coral Queen into the marina basin.

Who is Paine Underwood in the book flush?

Paine Underwood from Flush is Noah’s father, he is a wildlife activist and is also the one who sunk the ship at the beggining of the story, by the end of the story he has become less of an activist and more towards being a father.

What is Chapter 1 about in the book Flush?

Chapter 1 Summary

On Father’s Day, Paine gets arrested for sinking a gambling boat named the Coral Queen. It is owned by Dusty Muleman, a local bigshot who may be guilty of dumping raw sewage from the boat into the bay. This sewage then infects Thunder Beach, where local kids go to swim.

What is the main conflict in Flush?

The main conflict in the novel, Flush, is Noah’s attempts to prove that the Coral Queen (a gambling ship) is illegally dumping waste into the waters at night and that his father was vindicated in doing what he did.

What is the falling action of Flush?

The falling action is when Noah’s grand father comes back to surprise his family. the family thought he was dead but instead he faked his death and lived happily ever after. The Underwood family now has all of its family members along with Paine Underwood and dusty is now in jail so they lived happily ever after.

What is Noah and Abbey’s plan?

On their way home, Jasper and Bull intercept them on their bikes. Jasper has Noah’s bike. Abbey is biting Bull’s earlobe. Noah makes a deal that Abbey will stop biting if they let Abbey go unharmed.

Who is Dusty Muleman from Flush?

Dusty Muleman is the owner of the Coral Queen. He is described as a greedy, corrupt man, who regularly dumped waste into the marina in order to save money.

What does Noah run into under the water?

He was underwater when he hit something that felt like a wall of blubber. He was flung out of the water and saw a massive brown figure pushing away at an incredible pace. It was a manatee.