What is Greenwood book about?

About Greenwood

It’s 1974 and Willow Greenwood is out of jail, free after being locked up for one of her endless series of environmental protests: attempts at atonement for the sins of her father’s once vast and violent timber empire.

What genre is Greenwood?

Michael Christie’s second novel, “Greenwood,” makes it clear that we really want 500-page novels about trees. “Greenwood” has plenty of competition in this particular subgenre of ecofiction. Richard Powers’s tree-centric, Pulitzer-winning “The Overstory” has spent months perched near or at the top of bestseller lists.

What is the great withering?

Christie posits a world attempting to recover from an ecological catastrophe known as the Great Withering, during which rising temperatures unleashed a virulent new strain of fungus that destroys trees. The lack of a forest canopy causes soils to dry up, creating “killer dust clouds as fine as all-purpose flour”.

Who is the author of Greenwood?

Where does the book Greenwood take place?

Imagine that you’re a humble woodland guide, working for pitiful wages at an island resort northwest of Vancouver, British Columbia. The year is 2038, and Greenwood Arboreal Cathedral, as it’s called, is home to “one of the last remaining old-growth forests on Earth.”