What is Lore the book about?


Long ago, Lore Perseous fled that brutal world in the wake of her family’s sadistic murder by a rival line, turning her back on the hunt’s promises of eternal glory. For years she’s pushed away any thought of revenge against the man—now a god—responsible for their deaths.

Is Lore a stand alone book?

Lore is an exciting new take on Greek mythology. And because it’s a standalone book, it’s perfect to binge read and lose yourself to the savage world of the hunters and their gods.

Is Lore an LGBT book?

Lore’s bestest and roommate is gay. He’s not only her friend, but part of the group she calls family and is willing to die for. Found family is another trope that stands out in Bracken’s novel. And readers will be taken by Miles and how his own love story unfolds.

Is there romance in Lore?

The romance subplot is fine, if forgettable. The plot is fast-paced and easy to follow. I almost feel bad comparing Lore to The Darkest Minds or Passenger, but I generally felt like this book was lacking both the emotional punch and the wit of Bracken’s past work.

Can a 13 year old read Lore?

There is a decent amount of swearing and violence, and a scene where Lore describes being sexually assaulted, but nothing a mature 13 year old couldn’t handle.

Is Lore good for kids?

Not appropriate for kids

It is not appropriate for all kids.

Who is wrath in Lore book?

Aristos Kadmou (the man who murdered Lore’s family and the new Ares, who took the name Wrath) has found an alternate version of the origin poem (the Agon’s instructions), which tells of how to end the hunt with one god attaining absolute power.

What is Castor in Lore?

Yet as the next hunt dawns over New York City, two participants seek out her help: Castor, a childhood friend of Lore believed long dead, and a gravely wounded Athena, among the last of the original gods.

Is Lore a god?

The story centers on Lore, a god-hunter-turned-fist-fighter descendant of the ancient “House of Perseus”, who has tried to escape the bloodbath of the Agon after her family was brutally murdered by a cheating, rival house in the last cycle.

Is the Song of Achilles LGBT?

The raw depiction of love and passion, coupled with natural but complex character development, makes for a gripping read. Many would classify this novel as typical LGBTQ+ literature because after all, the two main characters are in a same-sex relationship.

Does Castor survive in Lore?

At least, that is until the favours turn, and Artemis swiftly meets her death. Everyone can breathe a sign of relief… … until Castor is wounded, and falls into the water without surfacing again.

Do van and Miles get together in Lore?

I also loved how Van(Castor’s cousin) and Miles(Lore’s friend) ended up together. That was definitely an easy one to pick up on but it’s still adorable.

Was Circe a goddess?

Circe (/ˈsɜːrsiː/
Ancient Greek: Κίρκη, pronounced [kírkɛː]) is an enchantress and a minor goddess in Greek mythology. She is either a daughter of the god Helios and the Oceanid nymph Perse or the goddess Hecate and Aeëtes. Circe was renowned for her vast knowledge of potions and herbs.

What happened at the end of Lore?

Lore being the last of her line, the Aegis would disappear with her death, an eventuality Athena can’t bear, and so in a plot twist that comes full circle, Athens sacrifices herself and hands the final blow to Lore. Becoming immortal, Lore is healed – but also inherits an immense amount of power to control.

How does the Agon work in Lore?

This game is called the Agon and for centuries the King of Gods, Zeus, has used the game to punish the gods. During the Agon, Zeus turns the gods mortal for one week and for the duration of the Agon, the gods remain at the mercy of being hunted by those with godly ambitions.

Is lore Olympus OK for teens?

Maya Velasquez The webcomic definitely contains some mature topics for teenagers, I think I would give it an age rating of +16 or +18. However, it is a beautiful story with many nuances, and it takes a more mature understanding to enjoy and comprehend.

Does Castor and Lore kiss?

Lore and her childhood friend Castor draw closer through the course of this story. They eventually embrace, kiss and caress each other and it’s implied that their affection crosses into something more sexual, but we don’t see the details.

What genre is the book Lore?

Who is the main character in Lore?

Melora (Lore) Perseous

Melora, or Lore for short, is one of the main characters and the third-person narrator of the novel. She is the last living member of the Perseus household after her parents and siblings were killed just after the previous Agon.

What is Lore’s full name?

After her family is brutally murdered, Melora Perseous, known as Lore, is the last of the mortal Perseides.

How old is Melora from Lore?

Seventeen-year-old Melora “Lore” Perseous is the descendant of Greek hero Perseus, and as the last of her bloodline, she’s gone to great pains to remove herself from the Agon’s brutality.

Does Athena betray Lore?

➽ Athena – Betrayed by her sister, Artemis, and one of the last original gods, yet is wounded so badly at the beginning of this book that she makes a deal with Lore so they can both try to get revenge.

Is Lore a book series?

Get a first look at Lore, the new novel from The Darkest Minds creator Alexandra Bracken. Alexandra Bracken has written two highly successful book series (The Darkest Minds and Passenger), hit No.