What is small Favors book about?

Ellerie Downing is waiting for something to happen. Life in isolated Amity Falls, surrounded by an impenetrable forest, has a predictable sameness. Her days are filled with tending to her family’s beehives, chasing after her sisters, and dreaming of bigger things while her twin, Samuel, is free to roam as he wishes.

What is small favors a retelling of?

Erin A. Craig follows her 2019 debut novel, House of Salt and Sorrows, with another absorbing, uncanny tale that walks the fine line between fantasy and horror. A winding mystery loosely based on the fairy tale “Rumpelstiltskin,” Small Favors takes a haunting look at the limits of human civility.

Does small favors have romance?

Horror-fantasy at its finest, Small Favors is a haunting small-town monster mystery complete with a heart-pounding forbidden romance.

Is small Favors a standalone?

And this being a standalone novel, if the questions didn’t get answered then they’ll never get answered. But they did and thankfully I loved the ending. Overall, fantastic!

Who is the love interest in small favors?

The love interest is Whitaker and I really do like him. I liked him and Ellerie together but I wanted more. There were not enough interactions between the two for me to believe that they were in love.

What genre is small favors?

Small Favors

Will small favors have a sequel?

I am so over the moon excited to announce that my second novel, SMALL FAVORS, will be published in 2021 with Delacorte Press! I’ve had so much fun writing this Rumpelstiltskin retelling and love its NEEDFUL THINGS meets THE VILLAGE vibes. I can’t wait to make y’all shiver!