What is the absolute book about?

The Absolute Book is epic, action-packed fantasy in which hidden treasures are recovered, wicked things resurface, birds can talk, and dead sisters are a living force. It is a book of journeys and returns, from contemporary England to Auckland, New Zealand
from a magical fairyland to Purgatory.

Is there romance in the absolute book?

Bewitching.” “At various points, The Absolute Book resembles a book about books, a psychological crime novel, a romance, a portal fantasy, a technothriller, a historical fantasy, and an allegory. . . . This surfeit of stories, this melding of modes and mixing of genres, is The Absolute Book’s greatest strength. . . .

Who was Shift’s father in the Absolute Book?

A young man named Shift, so called because he can change his shape, comes into the picture, his place in this mythological universal gradually revealed. Taryn’s father Bruce, a famous actor, plays the part of Odin, not realizing that he has actually descended into hell, in one of the novel’s most ridiculous scenes.

Who Is shift in the absolute book?

Instead, they are now the point of view characters onto the larger, more involved drama of Shift, a half-human, half-demon, backwards-aging demigod who is linked to the Firestarter in ways that the novel takes a long time to puzzle out.

How many pages are in the book the absolute?

Its language is assured, lyrical yet never overwrought, and in its surprising twists of fate, its deft characterisation and constant forward momentum, it is both accessible and compelling. At 600-plus pages, a book makes demands on the reader simply at the level of how much time they are prepared to devote to it.

Who wrote the absolute book?

Elizabeth Knox’s“The Absolute Book” (Viking, 628 pages, $28) is a fantasy which takes us into several worlds, but it opens right here on Earth.