What is the book acceleration about?

Acceleration is a thriller about teenage slackers in Toronto who track down a mysterious psychopath. The mystery by Canadian author Graham McNamee was first published in hardcover by Wendy Lamb Books in 2003. It was released in paperback by Ember in 2012.

Is Acceleration a good book?

The best book I’ve read this summer. Acceleration is a wonderfully written suspense novel. This book actually got my heart rate up. Finding out what acceleration means is an interesting part of this novel.

How does the book acceleration end?

As the story concludes, Duncan goes swimming with Vinny and no longer hears Maya’s phantom screams underwater. He apologizes to Maya and tells Vinny of his newfound peace.

How old is Duncan in acceleration?

Seventeen-year-old Duncan is spending his summer cataloguing lost junk in the Toronto Transit Commission’s subterranean Lost and Found.

Who is Jacob in acceleration?

Jacob is Duncan’s boss at the lost and found. Duncan describes him as a “half deflated soccer ball with two of the hairiest ears you’ve ever seen attached to it.”

What genre is acceleration?


Does acceleration depend on speed?

That’s because acceleration depends on the change in velocity and velocity is a vector quantity — one with both magnitude and direction. Thus, a falling apple accelerates, a car stopping at a traffic light accelerates, and the moon in orbit around the Earth accelerates.

Who is the roach in acceleration?

Roach – The antagonist of the story. Roach, (aka Scott Weber) is a man who is between his late 20s and early 30s. He is a tall, strong man but has terrible acne on his face. Roach lives with his grandma, who had caged him in a basement throughout his young life.

Who is the antagonist in acceleration?

The antagonist in this book is “Roach” the animal killer and the owner of the mysterious diary that appeared in the lost and found office.

Who is Duncan in acceleration?

Seventeen-year-old Duncan is the narrator-protagonist of Acceleration. A year ago, he failed to save a drowning girl named Maya. He visited doctors and took medication to alleviate his trauma—to no avail. In the aftermath of Maya’s death, Duncan became obsessed with the idea that he could’ve saved her.

What are the 5 suvat equations?

The equations of motion, also known as SUVAT equations, are used when acceleration, a , is constant. They are known as SUVAT equations because they contain the following variables: s – distance, u – initial velocity, v – velocity at time t , a – acceleration and t – time.

Is gravity an acceleration?

Gravity is already an acceleration in classical mechanics. You are, after all, probably used to expressing the gravitational field on Earth’s surface by assigning the gravitational acceleration g=9.81m/s2.

How does acceleration affect velocity?

Speed is the rate of change of position. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. When the velocity of an object changes, the object is accelerating. Remember that velocity is a measure that includes both speed and direction.