What is the book Crush about?

Premise: Crush Takes place a few months after the ending of Crave. Grace is back, but she doesn’t remember what had happened to her. Now, she needs to know what happened, and what she is, so she can save those she loves.

Is Crush by Tracy Wolff the first book?

Young Adult Vampire Romance

The Crave series is best enjoyed in order. Reading Order: Crave (book 1), Crush (book 2), Covet (book 3), and Court (book 4).

What is the last line in Crush?

That last line… it lives in my mind RENT FREE. Please ma’am, I’m begging. If you loved Crave, go pick up Crush. You won’t regret it!

Does Crave have a love triangle?

So I feel 98% confident in saying that there is no love triangle. But you know, it’s only book 1!

Is Crush a good book?

Dangerous and intriguing, empowering and swoon-worthy, Crush is everything fans of the series didn’t know they’d want in a sequel and sets up a third installment you won’t want to miss. Crush by Tracy Wolff is now available from Amazon, Barnes &amp
Noble, The Book Depository, or Indiebound.

Is Crave like Twilight?

The series has become incredibly popular on social media, but I had some hesitation. This cover looks like a direct mock of the Twilight covers, so I needed to know if this was just a Twilight wannabe. It’s not (really). Crave follows a recently orphaned teen, Grace.

Is Crave being made into a movie?

Universal Turning Tracy Wolff’s Vampire Novel ‘Crave’ into a Feature Film. Universal is taking a bite out of Tracy Wolff’s novel Crave, THR reports tonight. The studio has acquired the rights to adapt the young adult vampire novel into a feature film.

Who is Grace’s mate in Crave?

Hudson Vega is a born vampire and he is the son of Delilah and Cyrus Vega of the Vampire Court. His younger brother is Jaxon Vega. He is the mate of Grace Foster.

Does Crave have a second book?

Crush (Crave Book 2) Kindle Edition. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

What are gargoyle powers in Crave?

Powers & Abilities

  • Immortality – Gargoyles are immune to the passing of time and cannot get sick.
  • Human Form – Gargoyles can take on human form.
  • Flight – Gargoyles can fly under their own power.
  • Camouflage – Gargoyles can blend in with the inanimate gargoyles so it can surprise intruders that infiltrate buildings.

What is grace in Crave?

A place for fans of the book Crave to rant about the Fangtastic series… Crave is a series of supernatural novels written by Tracy Wolff. It follows the life of Grace, a teenager who is brought to Alaska to finish her last year of school after her parents tragically die in a car crash.

What is Flint in Crave?

Flint Montgomery is a dragon shifter and prince of the Dragon Court. A student at Katmere Academy.

Does Grace end up with Jaxon or Hudson?

By the end of the book, Grace challenges the vampire king (Jaxon and Hudson’s father) and wins, setting off a complicated series of events. And Hudson turns out to be her true mate, not Jaxon.

Is Hudson evil in crush?

In this book Hudson is barely the bad guy. He is the bad guy for 10% of the book and then nothing happens until the last 100 pages. Jaxon is side lined which I didn’t think I would be sad about until I spent more time with Hudson.

Does Grace sleep with Jaxon?

These two are just two halves of the one coin and gel together in ways that Grace and Jaxon never did despite their mating bond. It took me about five minutes to jump from my Graxon ship… I am ALL about #TeamHudson now. Also I don’t know if anyone else uses that ship name.

Is Grace a vampire in Crave?

Independently, Grace and Jaxon are fascinating characters to follow and to get to know. Together, they make quite an interesting pair. Though he’s a vampire, Grace is very much the instigator to the point where Jaxon feels almost shy.

Did Tracy Wolff copy Twilight?

We cannot assume that Tracy Wolff may or may not have used the series as inspiration, but the contents of this book and the events do not mirror Twilight at all. Over here someone said that there was not a plot and everything was mixed and nonsensical.

Is Crave a fanfic?

As far as this book goes, it is very juvenile and is written like a fanfic. At some point I was reading it just because I wanted to see just how far it would go with it’s annoyances. There isn’t any tension. There are way too many pop culture references that takes me out of the book.

Is Jaxon a vampire in Crave?

Crave, billed as a paranormal fantasy with a feminist perspective, follows a human girl who finds herself in the midst of a conflict between warring factions when she falls for a vampire prince, Jaxon Vega. He’s a vampire with deadly secrets who hasn’t felt anything for a hundred years.

Does Crave have an app?

Crave is available for devices running iOS 8.0 or newer and Android 4.0. 3 or newer (phones only). Open the Crave app.

What do you read after Crave?

Vampire Books

  • Crave by Tracy Wolff. My whole world changed when I stepped inside the academy.
  • The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh. In 1872, New Orleans is a city ruled by the dead.
  • The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black.
  • Glass Houses by Rachel Caine.
  • Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris.

Is Jaxon Flint a mate?

In Crave, Jaxon meets Grace–whom he tries to scare off–but he quickly realizes she is his mate. He cares for her deeply and acts as a protector, but the truth comes out that his guardian, the Bloodletter aka God of Chaos, actually fabricated their bond in hopes of giving Jaxon a way of feeling love.