What is the book Lucas about?

Lucas is a 2002 novel by Kevin Brooks about a teenager named Cait who lives on an isolated island off the coast of England and befriends outsider Lucas, eventually falling in love with him only to see the island’s prejudices come to life.

Is there a second book to love Lucas?

Amazon.com: Switching Gears (Love, Lucas Novel Book 2) eBook : Sedgwick, Chantele: Kindle Store.

Who is the main character in love Lucas?

Main Characters

Oakley Nelson (main character)- Her brother (Lucas dies) and she is just trying to be happy. Carson (main character)- He falls for Oakley when she goes to California.

Is the unkindness of ravens a real book?

Basis. An Unkindness of Ravens was based on Lucas’s real-life experiences and chronicled his final two years of high school.

What is the book switching gears about?

About The Book

Still mourning the loss of Lucas Nelson, the boy she loved in secret for years, seventeen-year-old Emmy Martin turns to her passion for mountain biking to try to fill the empty void in her life. But just when things start looking up, Emmy discovers her mom has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s.

What genre is switching gears by chantele Sedgwick?

How old is Oakley in the book Love Lucas?

There were a few times that I got annoyed with Oakley’s behavior, but I had to remind myself that she is a 17 year old girl who is dealing with the recent death of her brother, her parents’ divorce, and her “first love”. That’s kind of a lot for this poor girl!

Who wrote love Lucas?

Does Luke’s book become a movie?

An Unkindness of Ravens was the ill-fated screen adaptation of the novel of the same name by Lucas Scott. The film was written by Lucas, produced by Julian Baker, and directed by Adam Reese. However, due to complications with the film’s production, the idea was scrapped and production ceased.

Is the book from One Tree Hill real?

Although an official “novel” was never released, this book is an interpretation of Lucas’ story, made up of transcribed excerpts from his voiceovers and monologues throughout the third and fourth seasons of One Tree Hill. Includes a dedication page to Karen and Keith and author’s bio (author’s bio on hardcover only).

Is the comet by Lucas Scott a real book?

The Comet was the second novel by Lucas Scott. This book was written as a follow-up to Lucas’s first novel, An Unkindness of Ravens. Although it was not met with the same enthusiasm as his original novel, it did come across some success.

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