What is the main message of the book Sold?

The main theme of “Sold” by Patricia McCormick is the triumph over adversity. Lakshmi never gives up the hope of escaping her captors and returning home to her family. Without that determination a person can’t overcome their hurdles.

Why was Sold written?

McCormick was inspired to write Sold after meeting a young photographer who had been working undercover to document young girls working in Indian brothels. The author then spent about a month in Nepal and India researching the book, talking with girls who had been forced to work as prostitutes.

Is Sold by Patricia McCormick a true story?

It’s fiction, but it’s based on true stories.” Excerpt from author’s note in Sold: “Each year, nearly 12,000 Nepali girls are sold by their families, intentionally or unwittingly, into a life of sexual slavery in the brothels of India….

Is Sold a good book?

The storyline is intense and disturbing but never sensationalized. Sold (originally published in 2006) was a National Book Award finalist, a Quill Award winner, and an American Library Association Top Ten Best Book for Young Adults.

Is Sold a true story?

“Sold,” co-written and directed by Oscar winner Jeffrey D. Brown and executive produced by Emma Thompson, is based on the true stories of young victims unwittingly sold into prostitution. Their tales are coalesced into one narrative, intimately told.

What does a tin roof symbolize in Sold?

A tin roof represents security for the villagers in the Himalayas. As Lakshmi states in “A Tin Roof,” “A tin roof means that the family has a father who doesn’t gamble away the landlord’s money playing cards in the tea shop.” Lakshmi’s family has a weaker thatch roof which leaks and causes illness.

Who is Ama in Sold?

Ama is Lakshmi’s mom, and it’s from her that Lakshmi takes her cues for strength and resilience. She works hard, treats her husband well, and tries to scrape together a life for herself.

Who is Lakshmi named after in Sold?

Lakshmi is the protagonist of the story. She is a Nepali girl, and was named after the Goddess Lakshmi. She was born in a small, poor, village in Nepal.

What is the virus that Monica has in Sold?

From this point forward Monica has nothing to live for, and when she gets “the virus” (HIV) Mumtaz throws her out of the brothel.

How does the book Sold end?

In the end, the girls are rescued and liberated from Happiness House. Best part of story, including ending: The story is very powerful and gives a visceral first hand look into sexual slavery in India, Best scene in story: The scene where the other girls teach Lakshmi how to attract customers.

WHO IS Sold written by?

What deal does Mumtaz make with Pushpa?

Eventually she decides that she will leave Happiness House for good, relying on the kindness of strangers. She must sacrifice one of her children’s needs for another: stability for safety. This is just the worst all around. It’s hard to know if Pushpa’s story is unusual or relatively normal.

Who is the girl in the book Sold?


Author Patricia McCormick
Publisher Hyperion
Publication date 2006
Media type Print (Hardcover and Paperback)
Pages 262

What happens in the book Sold?

Written in short vignettes, Sold tells the story of thirteen-year-old Lakshmi, a poor but happy girl living with her family in a mountain hut in Nepal. When a Himalayan monsoon washes away her family’s crops, Lakshmi must find a job to support her family.

How old is the girl in Sold?

Lakshmi is a thirteen-year-old girl who lives with her family in a small hut on a mountain in Nepal.

Who is Krishna in sold?

Krishna is a 14-year old boy living in a village in Nepal. He is engaged to marry Lakshmi. Krishna is one of the rare boys who respects women. He was teased for carrying water for his mother.

What does Lakshmi learn about America from Harish’s book?

By Patricia McCormick

Soon Harish is teaching Lakshmi American words from a new book that he got from an American. He says that the American lady who teaches him on Saturdays is nice and that Americans are not evil, like Mumtaz and Anita say. Lakshmi thinks that America is an unusual place.

What does Ama mean in the book sold?

Ama. Ama is the mother of Lakshmi.

What does the pencil symbolize in sold?

A pencil indicates the hopelessness of Lakshmi’s situation—she is stuck in the brothel while Harish can go to school. A pencil symbolizes everything that is beyond Lakshmi’s reach—language and freedom.

Who is Tali in sold?

Tali is a young, female, goat and is the pet of Lakshmi. Tali is a cute, loud, goat who loves attention. Lakshmi is Tali’s favorite person. She thinks she is her mother and follows her around.

What are some symbols in the book sold?

Sold Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

  • A tin roof (symbol) A tin roof is a symbol of prosperity.
  • Nighttime (allegory) Nighttime is an allegory of despair.
  • To endure (motif)
  • Auntie Bimla’s yellow dress and Bold and the Beautiful (Motif)
  • Lakshmi’s education/ Harish’s wordbook (Motif)
  • Monica’s doll (motif)

Who is Shahana in Sold?

Shahanna is the one who explains each person’s story and tells Lakshmi the rules of the house so Lakshmi can stay out of trouble. Although we learn how the other women in the brothel came to be there, we never know more about Shahanna’s background except that she’s from Nepal.

How does Lakshmi change in Sold?

She sees how so many men—the customers, the goondas, the police—are corrupt and how they use her and other women to suit their own purposes. More importantly though, Lakshmi’s sense of her own self-worth as a woman is indelibly changed by her abuse—it slips lower and lower.

What addiction does Lakshmi’s stepfather have?

Lakshmi’s step-father, an addicted gambler, acquires and loses odd objects during his card games. Which object is NOT one of the items he won gambling?

Who is stepfather in Sold?

He is the stepfather of Lakshmi. As a child, he had broken his arm, but since there were no doctors around at the time, the arm healed crippled and stiff. Because of his injured arm, no factory will hire him, so he cannot make money for his family.

What happens to Monica in sold?

Her daughter lives with relatives of hers. A while later, Monica returns, heartbroken because her family wouldn’t let her take her daughter back, and told her daughter that she was dead. Monica is later kicked out because she contracted HIV from a man.

What happens to Anita in sold?

The second time, she tries to get her and Lakshmi to hide there again. When Lakshmi refuses, Anita locks herself inside and believes no one will find her. When Lakshmi is rescued it is unknown what happened to Anita. She is presumed to have been found, and rescued too.

In what ways does Uncle husband win Lakshmi’s trust?

By identifying other people as the bad guys, Uncle Husband gets Lakshmi to feel not just afraid of him, but also grateful that he is there to protect her. He gives her sweets and tells her “Don’t be afraid […] I will take care of you” (55.