What is the main plot of The Book Thief?

The Book Thief is a story narrated by a compassionate Death who tells us about Liesel, a girl growing up in Germany during World War II. She steals books, learns to read, and finds comfort in words. She and Max, the Jew her family protects, are the only main characters that survive the war.

Is The Book Thief a true story?

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a historical fiction novel, which means that it is a fictional story that is set and told through historically accurate time period and events.

Is The Book Thief hard to read?

It definitely is not a quick read
I read fast, yet it took me a couple reads to get through it. If you are looking for a deep read, however, this is the selection for you. The author’s style is phenomenal, and everything about the story is so powerful. I cried multiple times, and I am not a big crier.

Is The Book Thief Liesel?

Liesel Meminger is the book thief. She is 9 years old at the beginning of the story, when after the death of her brother she is taken in by the Hubermann family. Hans Hubermann is Liesel’s foster father.

How is the shoulder shrug ironic?

The Shoulder Shrug- It’s speculative as to what the title means. Does it mean not caring? In that case it is ironic because it causes many people to care including Hans. It inspires Hans Hubermann to “come up with a plan to help the Jewish fist fighter.”

What happens at the end of book theif?

Lesson Summary

In this epilogue, readers learn that Death meets Liesel after she’s lived a long, long life in Australia with a husband, children, and grandchildren. Death returns her memoir, The Book Thief, in the afterlife, and she sees all whom she once loved there.

How old is Liesel in Part 9?

Liesel is almost 14 years old. She decides that, on this day, she will wash Frau Hermann’s cookie plate and return it to her.

Why is Liesel afraid to pick up wash from the mayor’s wife?

The Book Thief

Liesel avoids the mayor’s house at all costs because she suspects that the mayor’s wife saw her steal the book from the bonfire. When Rosa makes her go there for the washing, Frau Hermann says nothing to her.

Why does Hans slap Liesel?

When Hans slaps Liesel for saying she hates Hitler, he demonstrates his love for her by showing the extremes to which he will go in order to keep her from using words that will get her into trouble with the dangerous Nazi Party.

Why does Death take the item from the garbage truck?

why does Death take the item from the garbage truck? he takes the book because he is “compelled” to do so.

Why is Death fascinated with Liesel?

Like many humans, Death tries to find ways to give meaning to his work. One of the main things he does is collect stories of courageous humans. Liesel is particularly interesting to him because of her courage and her personality. Stories like hers help keep him going.

How old was Liesel and Max?

When Max was mentioned as being 24, Leisel was 13. That is only 11 years, which is really not a big deal. My own parents happen to be 10 years apart in age and it’s in no way weird. It was many years beyond this when the war finally ended and they met back up with one another.

Who is Frau Hermann?

Character List and Analysis Ilsa Hermann. Ilsa Hermann is the mayor’s wife. She lives at 8 Grande Strasse and gets to know Liesel because Rosa does the mayor’s washing and ironing. Many of the people living in Molching believe that Frau Hermann is insane.

How old is Max Vandenburg?

Max is only twenty-two years old when he enters the story as “the struggler” (Chapters 23, 26, 28). At first his age is a bit surprising, because he almost seems like an old man. Later we learn that when he was Liesel and Rudy’s age, he was “the Jewish fist fighter” (Chapter 31).