What is the message of the book Long Way Down?

Long Way Down explores the perpetuation of a cycle of violence and the theme of revenge. Compare the development of these themes in Reynolds’s novel to a classic revenge story like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, The Iliad, or The Count of Monte Cristo.

What are the 3 rules in the book Long Way Down?

“There’s a code of conduct, and what those rules are is number one, no crying, number two, no snitching, and number three, always seek revenge.” Those rules ring true to Reynold’s own experience: At 19, one of his best friends was murdered, and he considered revenge himself.

Is Long Way Down based on a true story?

Long Way Down is fiction, meaning that the characters and events are made up.

Why is Long Way Down a good book?

Timely and Intense. The novel gives a heartwrenching, emotional, intense look at teenage gun violence and how cycles of violence can tear apart families and communities. Will’s feelings in the wake of his brother’s murder—sorrow, anger, confusion, and the obligation he feels to get revenge—are so complex and honest.

What themes does Jason Reynolds write?

There are many themes present throughout the novel Ghost….Courage

  • Identity.
  • Memory and the Past.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Lawbreaking and Justice.
  • Domestic Violence.
  • Poverty.
  • Classism.

What does the elevator symbolize in Long Way Down?

The elevator in Will’s building represents his sense of feeling trapped—trapped by “the Rules” of his violent neighborhood, and trapped in his grief over his brother Shawn’s death.

Who killed buck in Long Way Down?

Buck was killed when a man named Frick attempted to rob him. Around the time of his death, he passed his gun down to Shawn, along with the chain that Shawn was wearing when he died.

How does William describe anagrams that still make sense together?

How does William describe anagrams that still make sense together? He says same letters, different words like brothers. What is the significance of “The middle drawer”? It’s to keep him and his mother out and his gun in.

What are the rules in Long Way Down?

In the novel Long Way Down, by Jason Reynolds, Will, the main character, has been taught to live by the rules: don’t cry, don’t snitch, and take revenge. After his brother Shawn’s murder, Will sets out to get revenge on the killer, Riggs.

What is Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds about?

It’s a novel in free verse that tells the story of an African American teen boy at a crossroads. Determined to avenge his 19-year-old brother’s death, Will, age 15, takes his brother’s gun out of their shared bedroom to kill the person he’s certain is the murderer, but it’s a long way down in the elevator.

Who killed Wills brother in Long Way Down?

But Will knows what’s in there: “A tool for Rule No. 3” Will believes it was Carlson Riggs who shot his brother because Riggs recently joined the Dark Suns gang and because he had to show he belonged with them. And because of the crime shows Will has watched with his mom. He always knew who the killer was.

What is the significance of the gun only having 15 bullets in the clip?

What is the significance of the gun only having 15 bullets in the clip? The significance of a gun having 15 bullets is that is how many shots you should have to kill the person who killed Shawn.

Why did Jason Reynolds write a long way down?

Reynolds held the idea for Long Way Down for years before finally writing it. In 2003 when Reynolds was 19, he learned that a friend had been murdered. Speaking of the moment, he said he and his friends felt “an anger, a pain, like a cancer metastasizing by the second, spreading around [them] and through [them].

What are two memorable characters created by Jason Reynolds?

What are two memorable characters created by Jason Reynolds?

Jason Reynolds
Nationality American
Alma mater University of Maryland
Genre Young adult fiction
Notable works When I Was the Greatest Boy in the Black Suit As Brave as You Ghost (Track series) Miles Morales: Spider-Man Long Way Down Look Both Ways

What age should you read a long way down?

Bear in mind that the themes and language are strong, so this book is best for children aged 14 plus, although a savvy 12-year-old will also relish it.

What are 3 facts about Jason Reynolds?

Jason Reynolds is a New York Times bestselling author, a Kirkus Prize winner, a two-time Walter Dean Myers Award winner, an NAACP Image Award winner, a National Book Award finalist, and the recipient of a Newbery Honor, a Printz Honor, multiple Coretta Scott King Award honors and a CILIP Carnegie Medal.

What is the problem in Ghost by Jason Reynolds?

SUMMARY: Ghost has had some troubles in life, and he is running from them. First, he had to run from an abusive father that chased him and his mother down the street with a loaded gun. After that, Ghost caused his own problems,mostly at his middle school, trying to escape the memories of his past.

Did Jason Reynolds create Miles Morales?

The author and Oxon Hill native’s “Miles Morales: Spider-Man” novel is exceptional.

What does the middle drawer mean in Long Way Down?

Theme Wheel. The middle drawer of Shawn’s dresser symbolizes the darkness and danger in Shawn himself. Will explains that the broken middle drawer was the only thing out of place on Shawn’s neat and tidy half of their bedroom—and furthermore, it contained Shawn’s gun.

What does the anagram cinema Iceman meaning?

Will offers the anagram “cinema=iceman” and says that he’s not sure what an iceman is, but it makes him think of cold-blooded bad guys.

What does the anagram alive a veil mean in Long Way Down?

The anagram Will comes up with here suggests that in general, he suspects being alive isn’t all that different from being dead—only a thin veil of some sort separates the living from the dead.

Why is Will shocked by the way that Buck greets Frick?

The elevator descended and Buck entered on seventh floor. This shocked Will because he believed Buck, who had been a close friend of Shawn’s, was dead.

How does will know Dani?

Dani was Will’s childhood best friend until she was accidentally killed at eight years old in a revenge shooting gone wrong. The ghost of Dani gets on the elevator with Will on the sixth floor—her ghost has grown up to be about Will’s age but wears an adult version of the dress she was wearing when she died.

Why was Shawn killed in long way down?

After killing a man named Frick, Shawn was shot on the street coming home from fetching his mother special soap for her eczema, presumably by whomever was trying to avenge Frick’s death.

What is beef in Long Way Down?

“Beef” is a word to describe arguments and fights. The narrator says it is passed down like name-brand t-shirts. He says it is like a trunk of fool’s gold or a treasure map to nowhere. The narrator describes how everyone in the neighborhood has it and it is passed down generations.

What was Uncle Mark’s dream?

What was Uncle Mark’s dream? To make a movie.

What do the ghosts represent in Long Way Down?

There are Rules, and the Rules must be followed. But each of the ghosts presents, in its own way, the futility of revenge. Will’s father and brother both died shortly after their acts of revenge. Everyone on the elevator with Will is dead, offering advice from the perspective of experience.

What happens at the end of the book Long Way Down?

Long Way Down Ending

The ending of Long Way Down is a cliffhanger. When the elevator finally reaches the ground floor, Will is left with the final decision of whether or not to continue with his plan to seek revenge or to take a different path and help end the cycle of violence.