What is the plot of The Family Upstairs?

In The Family Upstairs, Libby Jones inherits a multi-million-dollar mansion, where she had once been found as a 10-month-old baby. Along with it, she learns who her birth parents were, but also about their deaths in what investigators deemed to be a suicide pact as well as the two older siblings who went missing.

Is there a book 2 in The Family Upstairs?

The Family Remains (Hardback) The nerve-shredding sequel to the bestselling The Family Upstairs finds a bag of human bones linked back to the Chelsea mansion where a chilling crime was committed many years previously.

Is The Family Upstairs a scary book?

THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS explores familial inheritance – the good, the bad, and the downright deadly – in a dark and engrossing story of psychological suspense. I can’t wait to see what Lisa Jewell does next.

Is The Family Upstairs book a series?

Internationally best-selling author Lisa Jewell knows how to write a gripping novel. In fact, she’s done it 17 times and counting, and her latest family thriller, “The Family Upstairs” was the “GMA” Book Club pick for November. The story is also set to run as a TV series.

Who is Lucy in the book The Family Upstairs?

In the present, 40-year-old Lucy is a homeless woman living in the Côte d’Azur. Knowing her baby is now 25, Lucy takes her two children from France to London and tracks down Libby at the Chelsea mansion.

What happened to Phin in The Family Upstairs?

Do you believe that? He claims he did not drug Libby and Miller, but he has a history of poisonings (having attempted to induce his mother’s abortion, slowly poisoned Phin over the years, concocted sleeping droughts, and finally killed his parents and David).

Is Invisible Girl a sequel to Upstairs family?

Since then, she wrote a sequel to Ralph’s Party, but also a lot of standalone books like Thirtynothing, Then She Was Gone, The House We Grew Up In, The Girls in the Garden, and lately The Family Upstairs and Invisible Girl.

Is there another book after The Family Upstairs?

But what happened next? All our questions are about to be answered, because in 2022 Lisa will publish a sequel – and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at the book, just for you! Read on for the first chapter of the follow-up to The Family Upstairs – The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell.

Are any of Lisa Jewell’s books movies?

Lisa Jewell

  • Known For. 31 Dream Street Writer.
  • Greatest Ever Comedy Movies Self (2006)
  • The Book Show Self (2008)
  • Babel Self – Guest (2014)

What was Lisa Jewels first book?

LISA JEWELL was born in London in 1968. Her first novel, Ralph’s Party, was the best- selling debut novel of 1999.

Where does The Family Upstairs take place?

She soon learns not only the identity of her birth parents, but also that she is the sole inheritor of their abandoned mansion on the banks of the Thames in London’s fashionable Chelsea neighborhood, worth millions.

How many pages is The Family Upstairs?


ISBN-13: 9781501190117
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication date: 06/02/2020
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 269

How many chapters are in The Family Upstairs?

Jewell divides The Family Upstairs into a prologue plus four parts: Part I (Chapter 1 through Chapter 33), Part II (Chapter 34 through Chapter 48), Part II (Chapter 49 through Chapter 65), and Part IV (Chapter 66 through Chapter 69).

Is The Family Upstairs a movie?

The Family Upstairs is a 1926 American silent comedy film directed by John G. Blystone and starring Virginia Valli, Allan Simpson and J. Farrell MacDonald. It was based on a 1925 Broadway play, The Family Upstairs by Harry Delf.

What is the order of Lisa Jewell books?

  • Thirtynothing (2000)
  • One-Hit Wonder (2000)
  • 31 Dream Street (2000)
  • A Friend of the Family (2003)
  • Vince & Joy (2005)
  • The Truth About Melody Browne (2009)
  • The Making of Us (2011)
  • Before I Met You (2012)

Do you have to read Megan Miranda books in order?

A: All of the books are stand-alone and can be read in any order, except for Vengeance, which is a companion to Fracture (taking place months after the events in Fracture, and told from a different character’s point of view).

What happens next Lisa Jewell?

In 2022 #1 bestselling author Lisa Jewell will publish a sequel.Bibliographic information.

Title The Family Upstairs 2: What happens next?
Author Lisa Jewell
Publisher Random House
ISBN 1473583640, 9781473583641
Length 400 pages

What should I read after Lisa Jewell?

  • Fatal Inheritance. by Rachel Rhys.
  • Her One Mistake. by Heidi Perks.
  • Little Disasters. by Sarah Vaughan.
  • Darling Rose Gold. by Stephanie Wrobel.
  • Little Big Love. by Katy Regan.
  • Dangerous Crossing.
  • Blood Orange.
  • The Family Upstairs.

Will any Colleen Hoover books become movies?

“Jane the Virgin” Star Justin Baldoni is adapting Colleen Hoover’s romance novel “It Ends With Us” for film through his Wayfarer Entertainment company. Baldoni announced Monday that he had optioned the project on his Instagram account.

Are any of Colleen Hoover’s books movies?

Here, we break down everything we know so far about the adaptation. It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover is one of the most popular books on TikTok. Teased on Instagram, the novel now has a movie adaptation in the works. It Ends With Us is about Lily, a woman who grew up in small town in Maine and who now lives in Boston.