What is the spider story?

Legend has it that when Robert’s spirits were broken, he took refuge in a cave. Sitting in the cave, he noticed a small spider attempting to weave a web. The spider tried and failed over and over. Each time the spider fell, it climbed back up to try again.

What is the main idea of Diary of a spider?

It’s not an easy life being a spider. You have to avoid vacuum cleaners, daddy longlegs, and people with big shoes. There are good things too: you get to have fun with your best friend, Fly, and spend time with your loving family.

What reading level is Along Came a spider?

What reading level is Along Came a spider?

ATOS Book Level: 4.3
Interest Level: Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points: 15.0
Rating: Not yet rated.
Word Count: 106078

What is the moral of the story the king and the spider?

Vikram again and again fought against the large army and finally, after many attempts defeated the large army and regained his kingdom. He had learnt a lesson from the spider. MORAL : Perseverance paves way to success.

What lesson did the spider teach King Bruce?

The spider taught King Bruce a good lesson. It filled him with new hope and courage. He left the cave and gathered his forces. This time he fought bravely and was successful in making his country free.

Why do spider and fly have to play at her house after July 2?

9 Why do Spider and Fly have to play at her house after July 2? Fly hurt her wing and can no longer fly. Her mother doesn’t think she is safe at Spider’s house. Grampa is afraid that Fly will get caught in the web again.

What genre is Diary of a spider?

Diary of a Spider

What book comes after Merry Christmas Alex Cross?

Series List in Order

Order Title Date
18 Kill Alex Cross Nov-2011
19 Merry Christmas, Alex Cross Nov-2012
20 Alex Cross, Run Feb-2013
21 Cross My Heart Nov-2013

Is Along Came a Spider clean?

Internally clean and bright.

What order do the Alex Cross books go in?

  • Deadly Cross (November 2020) Deadly Cross.
  • Criss Cross (November 2019) Criss Cross.
  • Target: Alex Cross (November 2018) Target: Alex Cross.
  • The People vs.
  • Cross the Line (November 2016)
  • Cross Justice (November 2015)
  • Hope to Die (November 2014)
  • Cross My Heart (November 2013)

What kind of book is spiders by Gail Gibbons?

The popular nonfiction author/illustrator provides a detailed look at the often misunderstood creatures. Examines the physical characteristics, behavior, habitats, and different kinds of spiders. The popular nonfiction author/illustrator provides a detailed look at the often misunderstood creatures.

Where was Earth vs the Spider filmed?

Some strange movies were filmed in Carlsbad Cavern, including Earth vs. the Spider (1958). This low-budget science fiction horror film features a giant cave-dwelling tarantula, which hunts people.

What did he learn from the spider?

The persistent tries of spider gave a positive spin to the thoughts of King Bruce and taught him that we are to be persistent and bold to achieve our aim of life. Continuous struggle to the main aim always produces a favourable result. We should try hard without caring for the resistance and circumstances of life.

How many times did the spider fail?

King Bruce counted that the spider tried and failed six times. He felt sad for the spider.

How many attempts did the spider make to reach its cobweb?

It made eight attempts, but failed. In its eighth attempt it had reached its cobweb but it again fell down. The king thought that it would not try any more. But it did not lose heart.

Who was Robert Bruce answer?

Robert the Bruce, original name Robert VIII de Bruce, also called Robert I, (born July 11, 1274—died June 7, 1329, Cardross, Dumbartonshire, Scotland), king of Scotland (1306–29), who freed Scotland from English rule, winning the decisive Battle of Bannockburn (1314) and ultimately confirming Scottish independence in …

Why was King Bruce to run away?

Answer. Answer: He ran away from the battlefield to save his life. He took shelter in a cave where he hid himself.

Why did King Bruce hid himself in a cave?

He wanted to make Scotland a free country. He fought many battles but was defeated many a by his enemy. He fled from the battlefield and hid himself in a cave to save his life. He had no more courage to fight another battle.

Why do spiders molt May 7?

Why does Spider molt on May 7? He has grown too big for his skin.

What is one way the author makes Spider seem like a person?

What is one way the author makes Spider seem like a person? Spider spins a web.

Is the character Alex Cross black?

Character. Alex Cross is an African American detective and psychologist based out of the Southeast quadrant of Washington, D.C. He started in the homicide division of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC), but eventually becomes a Senior Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

What book comes after target Alex Cross?

Publication Order of Alex Cross Books

Along Came a Spider (1992) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Cross Justice (2015) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Cross the Line (2016) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
The People vs. Alex Cross (2017) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Target (2018) Hardcover Paperback Kindle

Is James Patterson still writing Alex Cross books?

This may be the final book on the list, but James Patterson is by no means finished with the Alex Cross series. A new book is scheduled for the end of the year, so feel free to race through Deadly Cross with as much zeal as it calls for — you won’t be without Alex Cross for long.