You Asked What happens at the end of Lisa the joyful?

Brad’s corpse is seen strewn over the area, revealed to have been done by Buddy, transformed into a Joy Mutant next to Rando’s body
Brad’s torn head is seen to the far right in place of Rando’s grave in the Leave Them ending.

What happens to Brad at the end of Lisa?

Suddenly, Brad has a hallucination of Lisa, with her standing inbetween himself and Rick. She says to Brad “Don’t forget about me”, showing how Rick believed he has it hard, but Brad has scars that will never heal. The hallucination ends with Brad layin infront of the entrance to the Factory Town.

Are there different endings to LISA: THE PAINFUL?

There are 3 endings/achievements: Joyful, Joyless, and finishing the game in Pain Mode. You can only get 1 of these per play, and Pain Mode overrides the first two. Separately, you also get Selfish, Sorta Selfish, or Selfless 1 per run, because of a different event.

What did Brad do to Lisa?

Since Brad is supposed to have been her primary caretaker as a small child but makes no appearance in the game, it’s most likely that he raped Lisa to reassert his own sense of power after putting up with Marty’s abuse, and then abandoned her as soon as she stopped being completely dependent on him.

How long is Lisa the joyful?


Single-Player Polled Median
Main Story 27 3h
Main + Extras 21 3h 43m
Completionists 7 7h
All PlayStyles 55 3h 23m

When I look into your eyes it’s the scariest feeling in the world?

You made me feel things I’d never felt before… You showed me what love really is. And that’s why when I look into your eyes, it’s the scariest feeling in the world. It’s why I buried myself so deep into the darkness.

How much money did LISA: THE PAINFUL make?

Lisa: The Painful was funded through Kickstarter with a goal of $7,000. The campaign was launched on November 14, 2013 and raised $16,492 from 847 people, reaching both of its stretch goals.

Is LISA: THE PAINFUL a horror game?

Lisa: The Painful is a post-apocalyptic side-scrolling RPG game created by Dingaling Productions. Developed with RPG Maker VX Ace. It is the second game in the LISA Trilogy. This game is widely considered one of the greatest RPG Maker games of all time, as well in the post-apocalyptic genre.

How old is Brad LISA: THE PAINFUL?

And Brad appears to be at least 5 years older than Lisa based on her being an infant when the game starts. He was probably already an adult and karate instructor when it happened. If he were say, 20 years old, that would make him 55 during Painful which seems to fit in with everything else.

What is pain mode in Lisa?

Pain Mode is an extra difficulty setting designed as the game’s hard mode. It is recommended that players play through Normal Mode at least once before utilizing this setting. Pain Mode includes more difficult elements as well as additional content that cannot be seen in Normal Mode.

How long is Lisa the painful?

When focusing on the main objectives, LISA: The Painful is about 11 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 24½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is joy in Lisa?

The Joy is a strange drug possibly developed as a weapon by Dr. Yado at Joy Labs. The official description depicts it as a drug that makes you feel nothing. Some people, like Buddy, claim it to supposedly “make you feel good.”

What happens to Lisa in Lisa?

Lisa Armstrong was the sister of Brad Armstrong, and the protagonist of LISA: THE FIRST. Due to the physical and sexual abuse of Marty Armstrong, she committed suicide.

What caused the white flash Lisa?

He describes the event as occurring suddenly, having been asleep at the time, only to be awoken by a bright white light. This effect is similar to that of the initial blast of a nuclear detonation: a large and bright white flash. This could mean that the White Flash was caused by some form of nuclear weapon.

How many Lisa games are there?

Please be warned that this wiki contains spoilers for all three games in the LISA trilogy. Founded by Superraiden, co-ran by PlusMann.

Is Lisa the joyful worth playing?

Still DEFINITELY worth the money, though. its really great, but it’s just too short. i feel like a full-fledged sequel would have done better
with a fully developed masked mechanic and more choices. still worth it though, as the story does conclude beautifully.

How many areas does Lisa the pain have?

Now, back in the main screen, you now have four sub-areas to explore.LISA.

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How do I save Lisa the pain?

Saving in LISA: THE PAINFUL and LISA: THE JOYFUL is performed by visiting one of many Save Crows. Interacting with the crow will bring up the save menu and allow the game to be saved.

Who is Buddy from Lisa?

Buddy is the adopted daughter of Brad Armstrong, and the only known female in Olathe. She plays a major role in the story, as her kidnapping kick starts the plot of the game. She is also the protagonist of the expansion, LISA: THE JOYFUL.

Where is Lisa the joyful Sindy gallows?

Sindy Road is a location in LISA: THE JOYFUL next to the Area 2 Crossroads. It is the home of the second most powerful Warlord in Olathe, Sindy Gallows. Buddy Must defeat him in order to become the most powerful person in Olathe.Sindy Road.

Collapse LISA: THE PAINFUL Locations
Pre-Area 1 Brad’s House • Path to the Beginning

Does LISA: THE PAINFUL have controller support?

It does support controllers on mac and linux by assigning buttons via the F1 menu. It says partial controller support on the store page. If a dev misleads on the store page it doesn’t bode well for the game.

Does Lisa have a game?

BLACKPINK member Lisa has opened up about her love for Netflix’s hit K-drama series Squid Game.

Where does LISA: THE PAINFUL take place?

The events of LISA: The Painful RPG are set in the aforementioned land of Olathe, a post-Apocalyptic area inhabited by human males on the most part. The game starts in the past by showing us Brad and his friends as children being beaten up by Chris Columbo and his gang because Rick, Sticky or Cheeks took Chris’ ball.

Which RPG Maker was Lisa the pain made in?

The Painful is a side-scrolling side scrolling PC RPG designed by Dingaling Productions based on a post-apocalyptic graphic novel. The game is produced with Game Maker VX Ace, an online RPG Maker tool.In LISA Trilogy, it is the second game in the series.

Is Lisa inspired by earthbound?

I played this over summer and really enjoyed it. I’ve developed a fascination with weird RPGMaker games, Space Funeral and OFF being other good ones.

How old is Buddy LISA: THE PAINFUL?

She’s definitely 7 – 10, judging by her size in comparison to people and the fact that the men of Olathe are supposed to be seen as pedophiles and perverts. Bolo Bugaughtiichi is described as pedophilic in his wiki page and pedophile you need to be attracted to prepubescent children meaning under 13.

Who is Buzzo?

Buzzo is the leader of the Joy Boys and a major antagonist in LISA: THE PAINFUL, seemingly having taken interest in Brad. Buzzo also confronts Brad on many occasions. He is a mysterious warlord who is heavily involved in Olathe’s Joy trade and offers Joy to Brad on many occasions.