Your Question Is I am watching you a true story?

Former BBC news presenter Teresa Driscoll’s story of the mysterious disappearance of the 16-year-old Anna Ballard from a club in London, I Am Watching You (Thomas and Mercer, pp: 300), is perhaps one of the best psychological thrillers released this year.

What is the theme of I am watching you?

Teresa admits she was “deeply affected by the impact of crime on so many ordinary lives—not just innocent victims but also witnesses.” This sentiment is reflected throughout the theme of I Am Watching You, with the focus being primarily on how the disappearance of Anna haunted her friends and family so much that their

What genre is the book I am watching you?

I Am Watching You

What happens to Anna in I am watching you?

I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll is a mystery, thriller novel. The book is told in multiple points of view from the witness (Ella), the father (Henry), the friend (Sarah), and the private investigator (Matthew). Anna goes missing after taking a trip to London with her friend Sarah to go see Les Miserables.