Your Question Is the CLEP Official Study Guide worth it?

The CLEP Individual Exam Guides provide all the content in the Official Study Guide, but for only one specific exam. If you plan to take only one or two CLEP exams, we recommend purchasing an Individual Study Guide. If you plan to take more than two exams, consider purchasing the CLEP Official Study Guide.

Does CLEP give you a study guide?

Get Official Study Guides

The CLEP Official Study Guide covers all 34 CLEP exam topics in one comprehensive book. It includes practice questions for all exams, exam descriptions, information on getting credit for CLEP, and test-taking tips and strategies.

Are all CLEP exams the same?

Many CLEP exams are designed to correspond to one- semester courses. Some, however, correspond to one to two years of study. At most colleges, students earn three credits for a one-semester course and six credits for a full-year course. Exams are approximately 90 minutes and consist mainly of multiple-choice questions.

Do you get study guides in college?

▪ College Requires Greater Independent Learning.

They may have provided prepared study guides or even the exact questions they would ask. Although college instructors also want you to be successful, they don’t give students as much study help.

How do I create a study guide template?

Feel free to make any changes you may need to our process so that it best suits your needs and the topic you’re studying.

  1. Record information.
  2. Divide paper into two columns.
  3. List most important concepts.
  4. Provide summaries/descriptions.
  5. Write cue questions.
  6. [Conditional] Create a timeline.

Which history CLEP is easiest?

Easiest and Hardest CLEP Exams

Exam Civilian Pass Rate (2017) Military Pass Rate (2019)
History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present 56% 38%
Financial Accounting 55% 14%
Calculus 53% 34%
College Algebra 52% 24%

How long should you study for CLEP?

Depending on your learning style, studying for a CLEP exam could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. As a general rule, the more time you have to study, the better. Keep a calendar and block out an hour or two every day or every other day to devote to studying for your exam.

Is CLEP multiple-choice?

Overview of the Exams

Most CLEP exams are designed to correspond to one-semester courses, although some tests correspond to full-year or two-year courses. The format of most questions is multiple choice.

Can you CLEP an entire degree?

8. Can you CLEP your way to a degree? Yes, it is possible, though passing CLEP exams will not get you a degree by itself. To get a degree, you need to find a university that will allow you to transfer the credits you earn through CLEP tests.

Do study guides actually help?

The study guide will not be effective unless it is something they will actually refer back to and use (although even the process of making them is helpful). For lower-level students, the first one can be especially hard.

How do I make a final exam study guide?

How to Create a Successful Study Guide

  1. Start by organizing your notes. You’ll want to organize the information in your study guide in a way that makes sense to you.
  2. Practice essay questions.
  3. Make a vocabulary section.
  4. Handwrite it – don’t type it.
  5. Make it personal.

Are study guides effective?

Study guides assist students’ learning
they can highlight important concepts
they improve comprehension
they help students organize information
and they assist students’ metacognition by enabling them to check for understanding, helping students know when to alter their reading rates, and assisting students …

How do I make a study guide online?

Like ExamTime, Quizlet is also a free web service for creating study guides online. Using Quizlet, you can create and search for quizzes to test your knowledge about a particular subject. This is very suitable for an e-learning class, where a teacher can create a quiz for students to answer–all in Quizlet.

Is there an app that helps you study?

iStudiez is one of the most impressive scheduling apps to help you study more effectively. Available for most mobile platforms, as well as Mac and Windows computers, the app allows you to track your day-to-day study timetable, as well as exams, homework assignments, and even your grades.

How do you study with a study guide?

How to Use a Study Guide as a Student

  1. Step 1: Read the Source.
  2. Step 2: Read the Chapter Summaries and Analyses Alongside the Source.
  3. Step 3: After Reading the Book, Refresh Your Understanding of the Material.
  4. Step 4: Note Any Sections of the Study Guide That Stood Out to You.

What is the most difficult CLEP exam?

Calculus is the hardest math CLEP, for almost everyone. Unless you’re a math wiz, it’s also one of the hardest CLEP exams among all the subject categories. Precalculus is harder than College Mathematics and Algebra, but not as advanced as Calculus.

How hard is it to get a 50 on CLEP?

Generally, only 50 out of 80 is needed to pass a CLEP exam, which comes out to a grade of 63%. The catch is that a CLEP test will appear as a “P” for “pass” on your transcript whether you get a 50 or an 80. Since CLEP exams cover such a broad range of concepts, you are not expected to pass with flying colors.

Is CLEP easier than AP?

CLEP vs AP Test Difficulty: Which is Harder? According to May 2019 pass rate data, students may have found AP exams more difficult. CLEP exams had a 68% pass rate while AP exams had a 65% pass rate. However, there were many more AP examinees than CLEP test takers.