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220 Original matching box+invoice+gift bag+two -dimensional code: 6708LV imported leather (classic classic grid of the tail single -folding leather pressure). LV LOUIS VUITTON -Louis Vuitton's exquisite handicraft production, using 100%imported tail single drop skin, strong texture and excellent feel. With LV Louis Vuitton -Louis Vuitton classic hardware, versatile style, absolutely hot sale. Specification: 23 5x15 5x5cm120. Original is not the first layer of cowhide. Money model: 6082 Drunk new style@ versace official certification Latest/newest version has not been changed. , Design advanced excellence, super versatile. High -end and tasteless, fashion, novel! Specification: 28x18cm with a full set of packaging

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110. Model: 6084#LV Louis Vuitton [Lightning] The imported leather is fine and exquisite, which has already become a fashionable classic in the design. Specification: 27x17x3cmLoading...130: Classic lychee pattern Versace Versace Product Specification: W28XH18XD3CM Product Material: Original imported cowhide (not the first layer does not need money) Product details: BLACK, imported patent Inner cloth product model: 0094-5A, (with Original box gift bag invoice customs post) Real shot.130. Original goods. Brand: Gucci Original Quality: Original parallel import. Original custom natural falling cowhide, inlaying imported cowhide color edges wireless technology! With classic pure bronze buckle hardware exclusive goods Model: 0130-585 Synchronous Latest/Newsst made a strong appearance. Imported cowhide material, physical High-EXECUTIVE, the exclusive new version of the new version of the new version of the high-end market is super high-end. Model 057B, size 11 5-9 5-2cm. With a full set of packaging-invoice-gift bag-gift boxes

150 Overseas ORIGINAL-can pass the customs product name GUCCI GUCCI product material genuine material with skin, Original velvet product details of bee embroidery-coffee brown (product specifications 31 5x24x6 (ORIGINAL synchronization) product model 3208-5 (support ORIGINAL inspection)Loading...New Arrival 2021 Valentino ROCKSTUD UNTITLED

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