ARC Review: Maggie Malone and the Mostly Magical Boots by Jenna McCarthy and Carolyn Evans

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Maggie Malone and the Mostly Magical Boots
by Jenna McCarthy and Carolyn Evans
Publication date: May 6th 2014
Category: Middle Grade
Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy
Source: eARC provided by publisher
in exchange for an honest review

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For Maggie Malone every day is Freaky Friday with the help of her very special new boots

When Maggie Malone’s Aunt Fi gives her a pair of used, scuffed, plain brown boots for her birthday, she’s less than impressed. Why couldn’t her life be more like Tween pop sensation Becca Star? Instead Maggie’s stuck going to a new school in ugly boots. Until she wakes up in Becca’s shoes-literally. Maggie’s new boots are magical. They won’t make broccoli taste like macaroni and cheese, but they will let her spend a day in the life of anyone she chooses.

~My Thoughts~

I read this book to my daughters and we had a fabulous time following along with Maggie’s adventure. My daughters are only 5 and 7 years old, so much of it went over their heads, but I still enjoyed spending time reading it to them. My oldest daughter is really going to love this book in a few years!

Maggie Malone and the Mostly Magical Boots begins with Maggie being really upset that her father lost his job. Because of this she can no longer attend Sacred Heart where she’s been going to school since Kindergarten with her best friend, Stella. Now she has to go to Randolph J. Pinkerton Middle School, or RJPMS for short, also known to everyone at Sacred Heart as Stinkerton. When Maggie gets to her new school things go exactly as she expected — horribly! Her locker is in the worst possible place and it seems she is invisible to everyone. And her day never gets any better. Even in art class — her absolute favorite class — her painting gets ruined before the final bell. She heads home as fast as she can at the end of the day and is pleasantly surprised when she sees a brown box on her porch. It’s nearly Maggie’s twelfth birthday and she’s hoping that, after the day she’s just had, it’s an early present to brighten her day. To her disappointment she finds a old, dirty pair of cowboy boots from her Auntie Fi, which doesn’t make any sense to Maggie, as she’s always sent the coolest presents.

Maggie reads the enclosed letter:

Dear Maggie,

Happy 12th birthday! I’m writing to you from a tent in South Africa, where I’m helping a Zulu tribe figure out a way to filter the water in their village. Can you imagine not having clean water to drink? Life is hard here, but it sure is beautiful too. I wish you could see it. I bet you will someday, if you decide you want to.

Listen, I know you’re wondering why Auntie Fi sent you some dirty old boots for your birthday. Your dad will tell you it’s because I’m crazy, but the truth is they were mine when I was your age. Those boots are so special that I’ve carried them around the world with me twice, just waiting for your 12th birthday. Turning twelve is a really big deal. You’re not who you used to be, but you’re not who you’re going to be yet either. You’re in between, and it’s kind of like you’ve got a toe in two worlds. It’s a time when YOU get to decide how big you want your life to be from now on. Does that make any sense at all? Probably not now. But it will.

I know these boots don’t look like much, but trust me when I tell you that things aren’t always the way they seem. You’ll see what I mean.

Gotta run — there’s a troop of vervet monkeys tugging on my tent! Have fun with the MMBs, and tell Frank I said hi.


Auntie Fi

That letter was the hook for me. I knew from that moment on that this book was going to be exciting and bring out my inner twelve-year-old girl.. and it certainly did. I love the snark in Maggie’s tone throughout the entire book. She’s hilarious! Her friendship with Stella really took me back to my most meaningful childhood relationship as well. This story was so much fun and so easy to read. I flew right through it! Don’t tell my girls, but I read it even when they’d get distracted and would then have to backtrack to the bookmarked page. I’m really looking forward to reading this again when my girls are a little bit older!

I highly recommend Maggie Malone and the Mostly Magical Boots to all girls, ages 10 and up. And when I say “and up” I obviously mean “to infinity and beyond” because I’m much older than that and I loved this story. To all mothers of young ladies… this is a great way to spend quality time with your girls before they think they’re too old for it and start running off to the mall with their friends. 🙂

~About the Author~


I don’t like to brag, but I’m the luckiest person I know. I’m married to my best friend, I work in my pajamas and I have two beautiful, healthy, hilarious daughters. I like cats and sparkly things and laughing until my sides hurt. And hats. I really like hats.

Oh, and I’m not Jenny McCarthy. But you knew that, right?

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Carolyn Evans, author of Forty Beads; The Simple, Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage, is writing this book because she just has to tell you. .Because she hopes that The Forty Beads Method — a method she developed quite by accident — just might change your marriage and your life in the same profoundly positive way that it has changed her life and the lives of other women who’ve tried it.

Before stumbling across The Forty Beads Method, Evans was an aspiring singer/songwriter who recorded two records and performed regularly with her band. She continues to write songs — mainly country music, but hung up the late-night performing grind in favor of achieving a healthy circadian rhythm and a happy home life. These days Evans spends her time meeting with women — both online and in person — who are using the Forty Beads Method as she supports the growing Forty Beads Community. Evans majored in psychology at the University of the South and holds a master’s in social work degree from the University of Georgia. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, two children and their big black Lab.

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