Book Blast & Giveaway! Butterfly in Amber by Camilla Monk

Butterfly in Amber
by Camilla Monk
Series: Spotless #4
Publication date: May 12th 2017
Category: Adult
Genre: Mystery, Romance

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He’s waiting for you…

Under a blanket of snow, surrounded by dark woods and a frozen sea, lies an ogre’s castle. There lives a little princess, trapped in the maze of her own mind.
On a battlefield where the past meets the present stand a fairy godmother and a pirate, an old ice cream man and a knight in shining clean armor…
The clock is ticking fast, and to pierce the ogre’s secrets and defeat him, Island Chaptal will have to fight to remember…and stay alive.

Can the Lions and the Roomba cats be stopped before it’s too late?


Next to me, Stiles checks his watch, his gaze still locked on the steel beams supporting the bridge we’re now crossing. “Island, fasten your seat belt.”
I look at him in confusion. He’s stopped smiling, his pale-blue gaze now narrowed and unblinking.
The muscles tighten in his jaw, rippling under his skin. “It’s an order.”
There’s a coldness and an authority in his voice I don’t think I’ve heard before. My hands jerk and automatically reach for my seat belt. I manage to secure it in spite of a case of terminal jitters. I see Stiles reach inside his coat—for a gun?—and it takes me another whole second to notice the shadow growing in the distance, speeding on the Danube and tearing through the layers of viscous fog.
Under the sedan’s wheels, a low rumble shakes the bridge. My eyes widen and all I can do is watch, petrified, as a dark shape storms toward us in a massive cloud of water. Less than a hundred yards from the bridge is something I can neither clearly see nor identify. That long, aerodynamic body could be a jumbo jet, except I don’t think I’ve ever seen six . . . no . . . eight engines sitting atop the head of any aircraft. The wings are way too short for that thing to possibly take off, like they got chopped in half . . . and the dual tail? It must be, what . . . a hundred feet wide? What the ever-loving deuce?
Unfazed, Stiles is removing his coat. He shakes his head. “Your father was never subtle.”

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~About the Author~

Camilla Monk is a French native who grew up in a Franco-American family. After finishing her studies, she taught English and French in Tokyo before returning to France to work in advertising. Today, she builds rickety websites for financial companies and lives in Montreal, where she keeps a close watch on the squirrels and complains on a daily basis about the egregious number of Tim Hortons.

Her writing credits include the English resumes and cover letters of a great many French friends, and some essays as well. She’s also the critically acclaimed author of a few passive-aggressive notes pasted in her building’s elevator.

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