Book Review: Kiss Me Hard Before You Go by Shannon McCrimmon

kiss me hard before you go

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go
by Shannon McCrimmon
Publication date: May 14th 2014
Category: YA
Genre: Romance
Source: Personal purchase

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Every summer, Gray Barnes and his eighteen-year-old daughter, Evie, open up their farm in the foothills of South Carolina to Kip Kierkin’s Carnival of Wonder. The carnival attracts hordes of locals and out-of-towners, and it brings in the extra cash that Gray and his daughter need to keep the family estate running.

Evie decided long ago that she wants nothing to do with the carnival or the farm that her dad so desperately works to keep afloat. She doesn’t understand her father’s appreciation for the land or the work that it takes to maintain it, but that’s all about to change when she meets Finch Mills.

Finch is a lifer – a carny since birth. He’s spent all of his twenty-two years on the circuit and longs for a different path. He’s never paid much attention to Evie, not until this eventful summer of 1978.

~My Thoughts~

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go is as sweet and beautiful as its cover. Really, did you get a load of that awesome cover? Take another look. I’ll wait.

Stunning, isn’t it?

What I love about this story is how easy it is to relate to the characters. Evie and Finch are so very real, the reader has no choice but to feel a connection. The pacing is flawless, and the setting takes you back to a time not long ago, but feels like several lifetimes. Society is so different now than it was back in the 70’s and it was refreshing to visit a place that isn’t so all-consuming and chaotic. Reading the story of Evie and Finch allowed me to sit back, relax and let the tale unfold like a napkin in the breeze. All stories have some amount of drama, but this one doesn’t shove it down your throat or make you feel anxious. I was wholly absorbed in this book from beginning to end.

My hat goes off to Shannon for her remarkable storytelling super power. Kiss Me Hard Before You Go is a book that can, and should, be read by everyone. Trust me when I say that you should do nothing else before adding this one to your TBR. And I just realized when adding the link above that it’s on sale for 99 cents for the next three days. Primo time to grab your copy!

~About the Author~

shannon mcCrimmon

Shannon McCrimmon was born and raised in Central Florida. She attended Rollins College and earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling. In 2008, she moved to the upstate of South Carolina. It was the move that inspired her to write her first novel. She currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband and toy poodle.

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