Five Stars! Confessions of an Organ Donor by Shannon McCrimmon

Confessions of an Organ Donor
by Shannon McCrimmon
Publication: June 21st 2018
Category: YA
Genre: Contemporary, Coming of Age
Source: ARC provided by author
in exchange for honest review

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The last time Trip Wentworth saw the inside of a public school he was six-years-old. Sadly, he’s spent the last twelve years with a private tutor, living the life of a recluse. He wants to fit in, but it’s not easy being the only guy in school who has problems standing on two feet.

On his first day, he meets BB and Millicent, who help guide him through the social awkwardness of high school and give him a peek at what he’s been missing in the real world. It’s not long before his newfound friends ask him to do the unimaginable, and Trip readily accepts. Eager to finally take a leap, Trip and his duo of quirky friends embark on an outrageous mission. For Trip, the journey and their time together show him what it really means to be alive.

~My Thoughts~

I know that any book Shannon McCrimmon writes is going to be thoughtful and well-developed. There are never any plot holes and the books are always immaculately edited. I am certain it will make me chuckle while also tugging at my heartstrings. This author has never disappointed me. An easy one-click without thinking twice. In my opinion, this was her best work yet.

Confessions of an Organ Donor is a work of art. It hooked me from page one. Readers say that all the time, but I really mean it. Trip Wentworth is a witty, brilliant character that you can’t help falling in love with. I don’t mean that in the ‘book boyfriend’ sense either; simply as a character. A true, honest to goodness character that feels three dimensional. He could walk off the page, sit next to you, and have a conversation about anything. There will likely be some snark thrown in and you’ll enjoy every moment of it. The supporting cast is just as well defined and you’ll love them as well.

I don’t want to divulge anything that I read. You have a synopsis to read and you don’t need me to summarize and potentially ruin the experience for you. And let me tell you…reading this story is an experience. It’s one you’ll never forget. I was CRYING! The tears came because I was laughing. They also came because I was sad. And they came again because I was so full of joy. I was also surprisingly nervous. I never expected this story to make my heart race but I was so worried for them. Their quest transported me to when I was a teenager and made some not-so-smart choices.

There is not a better coming of age tale for you to read this year. That’s a promise.

~About the Author~

Shannon McCrimmon is the author of several novels, including The Summer I Learned To Dive and Kiss Me Hard Before You Go. She currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband and toy poodle. She’d love to hear from you. Connect with her by visiting the links below.

Shannon’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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