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Love and Decay

Love and Decay
by Rachel Higginson
Series: Episode #1
Publication date: July 10th 2013
Category: YA
Genre: Post-apocalyptic, Zombies
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Zombies- as if that wasn’t enough to ruin any girl’s dream of a happily ever after.

Reagan said goodbye to love when she was forced to run her high school boyfriend over with her mom’s car just to keep him from eating her for dinner. Now, two years later, and in need of a serious shower, she’s just over the entire concept of a soul mate- or really, any kind of mate.

Well, mostly anyway. When she runs- literally- into a group of boys holed up in a relative utopia of peanut butter and bottled water, maybe all hope in the love department is not lost.

But at the end of the world, nothing can be simple. And with a horde of Zombies after her, Reagan is going to have to schedule falling in love between hunting and surviving. Hopefully she can last long enough find out if true love can still exist when everything else has started to fall apart.

Love and Decay, Episode One, the first in a novella series in a Dystopian Romance about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with.
This story takes place over multiple episodes, with a release date every two weeks. Approximately 20,000 words.

~My Thoughts~

Love and Decay begins with Reagan telling us about the things she misses about life before the zom-poc.. clean hair, makeup, clothes.. you know, the usual. She also lists some of what she hates most since Feeders began roaming the planet.. was it the smell or the maggots? Reagan was a cheerleader before the apocalypse and her cheating boyfriend was the star of the football team. She had never held a gun or thought about firing a weapon before the world went into the crapper. Reagan and her BFF have survived for two years. How? I really have no idea. Even she admits it was a miracle. One day they were rummaging through a department store, super giddy because they found the mother lode of jeans and makeup in the junior section, but they overstayed their welcome and became trapped in a situation that seemed impossible to escape. Luckily for them they weren’t actually alone in that store.

I’ll admit, when I first started reading Love and Decay I didn’t think I was going to like it. I was rolling my eyes and taking bets on how long I would last. The opening chapter had an immature vibe to it and I immediately assumed that I wasn’t the intended target audience. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found beyond the first chapter, though. While this is definitely a girly view of the zombie apocalypse, I found myself wildly entertained by Reagan’s boldness mixed with sarcasm, as well as the interaction between Reagan and her best friend, Haley. The author was also successful in her attempt to get my heart racing during the zombie scuffles too. My adrenaline was pumping! It could use a good once-over by a fresh pair of eyes to correct the typos, but otherwise Rachel Higginson is a fabulous storyteller and I’m eager to pick up a copy of episode two.

~About the Author~

Rachel Higginson

I was born and raised in Nebraska, but spent my college years traveling the world. I fell in love with Eastern Europe, Paris, Indian Food and the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. But I came back home to marry my high school sweetheart and now I spend my days raising our growing family. In those few spare moments I have, I am either reading or writing Young Adult Fiction, because I am obsessed with it.

Five other things I’m obsessed with right now:
1. My Kuerig Coffee Machine. Genius.
2. 90’s music. Oh man, the 90’s speak right to my soul.
3. Chocolate smelling body wash. Who doesn’t want to walk around smelling like a bakery?
4. Colored Chapstick. And if it’s Dr. Pepper Flavored, that’s kind of my nirvana.
5. Spotify. It’s like the mixed-tape of this generation and I have probably three hundred hours of music on there. Can’t get enough.

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