Review: The Merman and the Moon Forgotten by Kevin McGill

Merman and the Moon Forgotten

The Merman and the Moon Forgotten
by Kevin McGill
Series: Nikolas & Company #1
Publication date: April 4th 2012
Category: Middle Grade (10 – 16)
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Source: Ebook received from author
in exchange for an honest review

My Rating:

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Nick must save a race of Merfolk, but a few things stand in his way. First, Merfolk live on the Moon. Second, they’re tens of thousands of years in the past. Third, his parent’s grounded him for blowing up the shed, again.

Fourteen-year-old Nick Lyons lives on one side of Hiker’s canyon where one can zip around on mach-speed hovercars, extend their life indefinitely through cerebral downloads, and have every whim taken care of by their ever-faithful nannydrone. Yet when Nick looks to the other side of Hiker’s canyon he sees refugee camps, extreme poverty, violence, and the dreaded Geneva virus.

He just wants to get away from it all—to get off this planet.


Out of nowhere his half-crazed grandfather appears and reveals to him that a race of merfolk will be wiped out if Nick doesn’t travel through space and time to save them.

He soon learns that his true home lies thousands of years ago on Möon. Earth’s satellite was once the cradle of all magical civilization, and it was filled with automaton-legged merfolk, fire-breathing winged lions, volcano-born nymphs, and so much magic you could smell it.

But if Nick doesn’t find a way back home, Möon’s magical civilization will be destroyed forever.

~My Thoughts~

I read this book over the course of about six weeks. Not because it wasn’t entertaining, but because I was reading a little each week to a child I mentor for Kids Hope USA. It was the perfect adventure for the two of us to get lost in after focusing on class work. The child I mentor — who I will refer to as Nathan because I don’t want to disclose his real name — is in 3rd grade, but his reading skills are much lower. It made me sad to realize that he only really knows about two words from each sentence he reads. How can he enjoy a story when he doesn’t know what he’s reading?

I chose to read The Merman and the Moon Forgotten to Nathan each week in the hopes that it would spark an interest in reading, which would then help me to get his reading level up. Nathan has ADHD which causes him to have a very difficult time focusing on a singular activity. After the first week I was uncertain if I had made the right decision trying to read this book to him, but as the weeks went by he couldn’t wait to get done with his class work so we could bust out my tablet and get back to the story. That right there should give you an idea about how awesome this story is! Because of the engaging characters, vivid imagery, non-stop action and the fast-paced storyline, it was so incredibly easy to read and keep Nathan interested. I looked over on many occasions throughout the weeks to see him biting his nails or fidgeting with anticipation. Thank you so much, Kevin McGill, for helping me be a great mentor to a child in need!

If you’re a fan of middle grade fantasy and adventure, you really must read this book! In the words of Nathan, “This was, like, a really awesome story! Can you read another one soon?” Yes, Nathan, I most definitely will!

~About the Author~

kevin McGill

Kevin McGill is the mad writer of the Nikolas & Company series where the Moon is much more than we think, mermen walk on automaton legs, and 14-year-old boys talk to cities in their heads.

He’s also the author who launched his book into space ->…

When not spinning Lunar yarns, Kevin hosts a weekly books podcast Guys Can Read along with his college buddy and co-host, Luke Navarro. Find Kevin’s blog and Twitter @kevinonpaper

Kevin’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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