Choose Your Own Adventure with Eli Constant #zOctober2014

STORM or BEASTIE? Read and die. Read and survive. 1. START A storm rages outside. You’re huddled beneath the folds of a large, soft blanket watching a favorite movie- something lighthearted and humorous, something to keep your mind off of the empty house and violent weather. The blanket is nearly black in color, like the sky outside… like the sky outside until thunder booms and a bolt of lightning brightens the dark in a short-lived flash. You debate getting up {Read More}

Choose Your Own Adventure & Giveaway by Sarah Gray #zOctober2014

Welcome to the zombie apocalypse. This is a Choose Your Own Adventure story that you control! When prompted, simply make your choice and follow it to the corresponding number. Can you survive the journey, or will one wrong move end your life? Proceed to 1 to find out. 1. START The sun dawns, white and fierce over a still Melbourne city. An unknown virus has decimated the Australian population, turning perfectly healthy people into rabid zombies. You’ve made your way {Read More}