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by David Moon
Publication date: January 3rd 2014
Category: Adult
Genre: Horror, Zombies, Comedy

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Human flesh and blood fill Laura’s mouth as her new razor sharp teeth cleanly slice a chunk of flesh from the cadaver’s thigh. Blood drips from her ruby red lips as the taste sends an electric erotic shock throughout her body, mind and soul fanning the flames of the hunger within her. She tries to think but the need to feed drives her from one body to the next savoring the taste. As she tries to sate her hunger, her victims become her competitors as they slowly rise and search out humans to fill their needs. Laura wasn’t always a flesh eating monster. Just months ago she was a very successful retired businesswoman but felt that she missed life in her pursuit of success. She decided to undergo a radical new treatment using nanotechnology. The micro machines injected into her body made her young and healthy. Everything was going well for her until a car slammed her through a pane glass window draining her body of blood. The micro machines prime directive is to save their host and they made radical changes to her body to save her. As Laura and her victims feed their hunger sates leaving them time to think. They see the infection spreading at a rapid rate leaving less and less of the tasty humans to eat. They hatch a plan to control the infection so they can save humanity…for dinner. While Laura’s ragtag group organizes, the micro machine infection spreads leaving in its wake flesh eating zombies, blood drinking vampires and one pissed off werewolf. A clash is coming between these groups in this new world. Will Laura’s group survive? Will any of them survive?


A little about the author, the idea behind the book and a reading from ZomoSapienS!

~About the Author~


David “Dave” Moon is originally from Florida, but at the tender age of 8 his parents moved to Alabama. Dave didn’t really care for the move so when he turned 18 he joined the military. He travelled the world and collected four degrees in the service, his highest being a Master’s degree in Information Operations from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. After 22 years he retired as an Air Force Major. Back in the civilian world, Dave decided to do something completely different by getting into acting and writing. He currently has one published novel out called ZomoSapienS: The Apocalypse from the Zombies Point of View and he’s acted in a few short films in addition to doing background acting on eight feature films and the TV show Salem. He resides in Louisiana with his beautiful wife and kids. He’s a bit of a nut in a cracked shell.

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