zOctober 2013

zOctober 2013

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* zOctober 2013 Facebook event page can be found here.

zOctober 2013 Participating Authors

* Melanie Karsak – author of The Harvesting

* Pauline Creeden – author of Sanctuary and Armored Hearts

* Angel Lawson – author of Fangirl, Vigilant and the Wraith series

* C.M. Stunich – author of Deadborn, the Hard Rock Roots series, and more!

* Greg McCabe – author of The Undying Love

* Claire C Riley – author of Odium and Limerence

* Belinda Frisch – author of the Strandville Zombie Series, Dead Spell, Payback, and more!

* Sarah Gray – author of Arcadium and Skylight

* Travis Simmons – author of Desolation

* Julianne Snow – author of Days with the Undead

* Alexia Purdy – author of the Reign of Blood series, A Dark Faerie Tale series, and Breathe Me

* Lindsey R. Loucks – author of The Grave Winner

* Emily Goodwin – author of The Contagium Series, The Guardian Legacies, Beyond the Sea

* Sarah Lyons Fleming – author of Until the End of the World

* Peggy Martinez – author of State of Decay, Sage Hannigan Time Warper series, Sweet Contradiction and more.

* Rachel Higginson – author of Love and Decay, The Star-Crossed series, and more

* Lori R. Lopez – author of Heartbeat

* Lyra Mcken – author of Zombified

* Rhiannon Frater – author of As the World Dies series, The Last Bastion of the Living, Pretty When She Dies series, and more.

* Tristan Vick – author of Bitten: The Resurrection Virus Saga

* Christine A. Verstraete – author of Girl Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie

* Steven Ramirez – author of Tell Me When I’m Dead

* Angela Scott – author of The Zombie West series

* Tonia Brown – author of The Cold Beneath

* Nicholas Ryan – author of Ground Zero

* Timothy W. Long – author of Among the Living, Beyond the Barriers, Among the Dead and more..

* Annie Walls – author of The Famished Trilogy

* Shannon Eckrich – author of Haunting Lia, Other Side of Forever, and more!

* Carmen Jenner – author of The Undead Revolution, FEAR, and Welcome to Sugartown

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