How do you make a lacing cord bracelet?

How To: Make a Rexlace Bracelet

How do you make a Cobra lanyard bracelet?

Cobra Stitch

How do you make a plastic string box bracelet?

How to Do a Box Knot

How do you make things with lanyards?

The box stitch Lanyard – Classic Camp Crafts

How do you make a Scooby bracelet?


  1. Link the strings together at the middle.
  2. Put the bottom red string over the top red string.
  3. Put the red string, (the one at the side), over the red loop.
  4. Do the same with the side green loop.
  5. Pull it tight.
  6. Put the green strings over, as shown in the picture.
  7. Thread the red strings through the green loops.

How do you make a butterfly bracelet?

Make a Butterfly Friendship Bracelet

What is a cobra knot?

Uses: The Cobra Knot (Solomon Bar or Portuguese Sinnet) (ABOK # 2496, p 401.) is one of the commonest lanyard knots. It is very widely used in military shoulder lanyards and in many macrame patterns. Application: When completed as shown in the animation, it provides an excellent lanyard pull for a snap shackle.

How do you make a king cobra paracord bracelet?

How to make the King Cobra Paracord Bracelet

How do you make a box stitch lanyard?

How to make a Square Stitch lanyard

How do you start a plastic lanyard?

How to start a lanyard box stitch (including pictures)

How do you make a shoelace bracelet?

How to Make a Shoelace Bracelet

How do you make a 3 string scoobie?

Triangle (3-Strand) Stitch – Starting/Doing the Stitch

How do you make cute lanyards?

How to Make a Lanyard

How do you make a bead lanyard?

How To Make a Lanyard Using Any Type of Beads

How do you make a heart lanyard?

How to Make the Linked Hearts

How do you make a swirl scoobie?

Spiral scoobie/Scoubidou spirale

How do you make a scoobie with two strings?

Scooby wire squares tutorial – scoubidou square stitch

What does Scoobies mean?

Scooby (plural Scoobies) (Cockney rhyming slang) A clue (insight or understanding).

How do you make a paperclip bracelet?

JEWELRY MAKING, make bracelets with paper clips.

How do you make a two string bracelet?

DOUBLE CHAIN KNOT TUTORIAL | Making Friendship Bracelets

What is plastic gimp?

Gimp is a flat or round plastic string used in crafts. It comes in a variety of colors and can be plaited, braided, knotted or woven. Other names include boondoggle, craft lace, lanyard or scoubidou.

How do you tie a military lanyard?

How to Tie a Lanyard Knot: Australian Army

How do you do a paracord Cobra Braid?

Easy Paracord Cobra Weave Bracelet Tutorial

How do you tie a paracord?

5 Knots Every Paracordist MUST MASTER

How do you make a trilobite paracord bracelet?

Easy Trilobite Paracord Bracelet—Beginner Tutorial

How do you make a two color Cobra paracord bracelet?

How To Make A Two Color Cobra Weave Bracelet Without Buckles

How do you do a double cobra weave?

How to Make a Double Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet

How do you end a 4 string lanyard?

How to end a lanyard

How do you make boondoggle lanyards?

GIMP Boondoggle Simple Box Stitch Keychain Lanyard Tutorial