Is there a book on Marauders?

The Marauders: Year One by Pengiwen | Goodreads.

What Is All The Young Dudes about Marauders?

(All the Young Dudes #1-7)

A Harry Potter fanfiction, detailing the lives of the Marauders throughout their schooling, told through Remus Lupin.

Is all the young dudes a real book?

All The Young Dudes, named after a song written by David Bowie and recorded by Mott the Hoople, first began publishing in March 2017 by a user named MsKingBean89
it ended in 2018 with 188 chapters total.

How many books are The Young Dudes?

MsKingBean’s “All The Young Dudes” has been divided into three volumes. This first book covers Years 1 – 4.

Was James Potter a bully?

James was a bully in school — to the point that even the biggest of James Potter apologists can’t deny this. He mercilessly teased Snape, and in one particularly horrific memory, hung him upside down and exposed him in front of the entire school.

Who is the youngest Marauder?

Teddy Lupin, b. 1998, was the son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. He was the youngest Marauder child and the least known. Sorted into Hufflepuff in 2009, he became Prefect and Head Boy.

How tall is Remus Lupin in the books?


Character Height
Remus Lupin 6’2” (188cm)
Lily Potter 5’6” (167.6cm)
James Potter 5’11” (180.3cm)
Sirius Black 6’2” (188cm)

What is the most popular Harry Potter fanfiction?

The 10 best Harry Potter fanfiction stories to read

  • Harry Potter and the Boy Who Lived by The Santi.
  • Harry Potter and the Wastelands of Time by joe6991.
  • The Lie I’ve Lived by jbern.
  • Backward With Purpose by deadwoodpecker.
  • Delenda Est by Lord Silvere.
  • Prince of the Dark Kingdom by Mizuni-sama.
  • Running On Air by Eleventy7.

What chapter of ATYD do Remus and Sirius get together?

Our heart aches for Remus as he shares a vulnerable moment with Sirius in Chapter 142. He struggles to accept love, whether from his estranged mother or his boyfriend, and he is afraid of never being able to say it back.

Will JK Rowling write anymore books?

Harry Potter author Rowling has stated that her writing another book is highly unlikely because she believes that a sequel would be too elaborate. In any case, The Cursed Child followed. In any event, it is unlikely that Harry’s adventures will continue after Deathly Hallows.

Is it illegal to print fanfiction?

Presently, publishing fanfiction online is considered legal in the United States because it is “noncommercial distribution.” In other words, when you post fanfiction on AO3 or another ad-supported, free-to-use site, nobody is making any money from the actual intellectual property itself.

Are all young dudes Wolfstar?

One Wolfstar-centric work, All the Young Dudes by MsKingBean89, recently broke the record for most hits on Archive of Our Own. ATYD has taken up residence in the hearts and minds of a growing base of devoted fans.

Will JK Rowling write about the Marauders?

J.K. Rowling: A ‘Harry Potter’ prequel about the Marauders will not happen. Harry Potter and The Casual Vacancy author J.K. Rowling spoke this evening at the Bath Literature Festival and made clear that if she ever returns to Harry Potter, she won’t write a prequel.

Was James Potter a full blood?

James Potter I (27 March, 1960–31 October, 1981), also known as Prongs, was an English pure-blood wizard and the only son of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter.

How did Lily and James Potter get rich?

James and Lily inherited the money.

James’s father, Fleamont, invented Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion (what Hermione used to tame her hair for the Yule Ball.) Fleamont Potter made quite a bit of money from his invention, and upon retirement, sold the company for a large profit. Then, Is Harry richer than Malfoy?

What did James do to Severus?

Following an O.W.L. exam, James, with partner in crime Sirius Black, confronted the vulnerable young Snape, pinned him to the ground, filled his mouth with pink soap bubbles then lifted him into the air, threatening to completely undress the pale, slight Slytherin boy in front of a giggling crowd of fellow students.

Who is the oldest Marauder?

10 Sirius Black is the oldest (We think)

We learned in The Deathly Hallows that James Potter was born on March 27, 1960. Remus Lupin’s birthday is March 10, 1960, which obviously makes him just a hair older than his good friend.

Do the Marauders have a movie?

A fan film based in the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling. Focuses on the four marauders
James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew.

Did the Marauders bully Snape?

4 Had: When They Judged Him Even As Adults. The fact of the matter is that bullying is wrong no matter who the victim is, and the Marauders were no doubt the bullies in the scenario of their school lives. For some reason, though, they held onto their hatred of Snape well into adulthood.

How tall are the Weasleys?

The Weasley twins are both 6 feet and 3 inches tall.

Who was the tallest Marauder?

Sirius is probably the tallest because, after coming back with the Resurrection Stone in book 7, he’s described as being ‘tall and handsome,’ and since James is the same height as Harry at the time, he probably wouldn’t think of someone shorter than James as being tall.

How tall is Fleur Delacour?

Fleur Delecour, portrayed by Clémence Poésy, has a height of 5’7″ (1.70 m). Fleur Delacour is a beautiful and talented witch who competes in the Triwizard Tournament as champion for Beauxbatons Academy.

How does JK Rowling feel about fanfiction?

Another notable author who supports fanfiction is J.K. Rowling, who has said that she is “very flattered by the fact there is such great interest in her “Harry Potter” series and that people take the time to write their own stories.” However, she is also on the side of the authors who are hesitant to support fanfiction …

What is the best fanfiction ever?

8 Fanfics That Are Even Better Than the Original Stories

  • “What You Don’t Know” – Airplane.
  • “Three of Hearts” – MissHoneywell.
  • “Housebroken” – MissHoneywell.
  • “Crush” – ATetheredMind.
  • “The Blessing and the Curse” – The Black Arrow.
  • “Bound for Glory” – WTVOC.
  • “The Feint” – ATetheredMind.
  • “Inmate” – MissHoneywell.

What is Dramione fanfiction?

Following my earlier article on 50 must-read Harry Potter fanfictions, I’ve decided to narrow in on my favourite ship: Dramione! This is a portmanteau for Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. It’s extraordinarily popular: there are roughly 68,000 Dramione fics on alone.

Who was Sirius Black’s love interest?

Sirius Black had a lot of love in his life. Mainly for his best friends but still. One of the greatest loves came not from his connection to James Potter but rather with his relationship to Remus Lupin. The two had an interesting dynamic and one that fans seemed to gravitate towards.

Who is Grant Marauders?

Grant Page was a wizard and Ravenclaw student who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1990s. He was the Keeper for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team during the 1993–1994 school year.

What is Remus Patronus?

According to J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore entry on Remus, his Patronus was a normal wolf, not a werewolf, due to their non-threatening and family-orientated nature. However, since Lupin hated all things wolf, he shied away from casting corporeal Patronuses, instead opting to produce non-corporeal ones.