Question Does Ellie exist in Hidden Bodies?

Who is ELLIE? Sorry, but she doesn’t exist in the book – just like Paco was created in series one as a tool to make Joe seem more normal. The grocery store Love and Forty’s parents own isn’t called Anvarin in the book – it’s called The Pantry.

Will there be a book after Hidden Bodies?

Kepnes tells Rolling Stone that she’s writing books three and four of the thriller series for Random House, following 2016’s sequel Hidden Bodies. Books one and two inspired the first two seasons of TV show You, which stars Penn Badgley as Goldberg.

What happens at the end of Hidden Bodies?

The book ends with Joe in jail, with evidence mounting against him that he really and truly is a serial killer. Yet all he thinks about is how he’ll be free soon, and soon he’ll see the face of Love and his new baby girl.

Is Beck in Hidden Bodies?

The girl that appears at the end is Amy, who becomes his love interest in the beginning of Hidden Bodies. Beck is dead, and their shared therapist has been arrested for her murder. So, Amy.

What book is You based on?

The short answer is yes, the show is based on a series of novels by Caroline Kepnes, whose first book, You, was originally published back in 2014. Kepnes has released three novels in the series so far, with the original followed up by Hidden Bodies in 2016 and You Love Me in 2021.

What happens to Amy Adam in Hidden Bodies?

Candace Stone, who is a pretty major character in season two of You, doesn’t even exist in the book Hidden Bodies. Joe has killed her in the first book. It is in fact Amy Adam (Candace’s fake persona in the series) that is real in the book, and she is the reason Joe fled to LA.

Is there a third book after Hidden Bodies?

Hidden Bodies is a thriller novel by Caroline Kepnes, published in February 2016. It is the sequel to her 2014 novel, You. It was loosely adapted in the second season and third season of the Netflix thriller series, You. Kepnes published the sequel, You Love Me in 2021.Hidden Bodies.

Author Caroline Kepnes
ISBN 978-1-4767-8563-9

Is there a book 3 of You?

Third installment in the You series

In the third installment of the You series, Joe finds himself accepting a volunteer role at a local library where he meets her: Mary Kay DiMarco. But Joe decides this time he won’t obsess, he will win over Mary Kay the old-fashioned way.

Will there be a 4th You?

Good news for us, bad news for Joe Goldberg’s body count: You is returning for a fourth season on Netflix. Just days before the third season of the hit psychological thriller hit viewers’ queues in October 2021, the streaming giant announced that You would be back for season 4.

Does Joe Go to jail in Hidden Bodies?

Unfortunately, Love’s heroics weren’t enough to save Joe, who ended Hidden Bodies in a jail cell awaiting trial for the murders of Beck and Peach. Outside, Love was pregnant with his child, and had convinced her wealthy family to pony up for Joe’s legal fees.

Is Love Quinn a killer in the book?

Love isn’t a murderer

In the book, Love never kills anyone. Joe kills Candace and Delilah himself, Forty’s au pair isn’t murdered, and Love’s first husband, James, dies in a surfing accident.

Does Joe Go to jail in You book?

The novel finishes with Joe in jail for his crimes believing that Love’s rich family will help him get off scot-free. Joe’s last thought is: “I’m one of the rich people now, the untouchables.

How was Beck murdered in You?

Guinevere Beck

While imprisoned, Beck tried to outsmart Joe by suggesting Dr. Nicky (John Stamos) be the scapegoat for his crimes, empathizing with him and being grateful for his machinations. He was lured into the cage, giving her time to call for help. However, Joe quickly escaped and killed her.

Is Amy Candace?

She’s got a new name in season 2.

Candace shows up in season 2 under a new name—Amy Adam, the girlfriend of Joe’s new girlfriend’s twin brother, named Forty.

What happens in the second book of You?

You season 2 ends with Joe and Love in a romantic relationship. Love is pregnant (with Joe’s daughter… or so we think!) and they move to the suburbs of LA to raise their unborn child. Love not only knows that Joe is a serial killer and a stalker but it turns out that she is a serial killer and a stalker too.

Why is Joe sending Ellie money?

Consequently, sending Ellie money is his way of clearing his conscience, as well, of course, as satisfying Joe’s need to protect women, which he no longer believes Love can provide, given her volatility and wilfulness.

How many Hidden Bodies books are there?

Currently, there are three books in the You thriller series: You, Hidden Bodies, and the recently released You Love Me, which hit shelves on April 1, 2021.

Who wrote Beck’s book in You?

Nevertheless, Beck began to write, and she wrote her and Joe’s entire story, though he sold off the manuscript as the story of her and Dr. Nicky.

Does Joe get caught in the book?

In the book, putting together some of the clues about Joe, his connections to Beck and his whereabouts when Peach died, Dr Nicky and the officer realise Joe is very much of interest. He’s arrested and kept in prison until Love gives birth. He obviously gets off in the end though.

Why is Ellie hiding?

She wants to stage Delilah’s death as suicide, and frame Ellie for Henderson’s murder – while the Quinn family lawyers would get the case closed, it would mean Ellie would be taken by Child Protective Services.

Is the book You different from the show?

While Netflix’s YOU brought the characters and thrill to life, some adaptations were different from the book series it was based on. Netflix’s YOU, like many adaptations, differs from its source material in a myriad of ways, which is true of any property coming from the written word.

Is there a 4th You book?

A third and fourth book in the psychological thriller series You are on the way from author Caroline Kepnes and publisher Random House. The third book will see Joe (played by Penn Badgley in the Lifetime TV adaptation) move to the Pacific Northwest with a plan to become a family man in his own unique way.

Is Providence a sequel?

Providence was published in 2018 by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s Random House imprint Lenny Books and is Kepnes third book after You and its sequel Hidden Bodies, and is unrelated to the You universe. It tells the story of 12-year-old Jon Bronson, who, ten years ago, vanished, along with five of his classmates.

Why did Joe move to LA in You?

Given all of this, Joe concludes he has no choice: He must flee his vengeful ex and swear off love. So he moves to what he decides is the least romantic city in the United States: Los Angeles. Like many a wandering soul new to L.A. before him, Joe uses this move as an opportunity to reinvent himself.

Is the You book series over?

Is there a fourth You book? The fourth You book hasn’t been released yet, but it sounds like there will be! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kepnes said a fourth book is in the works. This is obviously great news for fans of the hit Netflix series and the book series.

Is You season 3 Based on a true story?

You season 2 was also based on Hidden Bodies by Kepnes. You season 3 is based on the same book, but it’s really just an off-book continuation of that story. As often happens, You season 2 is different than the book it’s based on, and that’s also true with You season 3.

How old is Joe?


Rank Characters Age
6 Joe Goldberg ~28 years old
7 Ethan Russell ~27 years old
Guinevere Beck ~26 years old
8 Peach Salinger ~26 years old

Is there a season 5 of You?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed a season five of ‘You’ yet, but it hasn’t been ruled out either. Before season 4 was announced, executive produced Sera Gamble previously told The Hollywood Reporter: “I am not scared at all of saying that we definitely could follow Joe for several more seasons.”

Is Madre Linda a real place?

Is Madre Linda a real place? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Much like the majority of all fictional TV towns, Madre Linda isn’t actually a real place, but was inspired by real towns surrounding San Francisco.

How did You end?

Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), Joe’s library crush, discovers in the finale that her terrible ex, Ryan (Scott Michael Foster) has been killed by a mugger. She and Joe decide to take their kids and run away together. But Love gets wind of their romance and once Joe’s indisposed, Love texts Marienne to come to their house.