Question: What happens in the family next door?

American Murder: The Family Next Door focuses on the 2018 disappearance of Shanann Watts and her two young daughters. Told via archival footage, the true-crime documentary unfurls through home videos, social media posts, police body-cam recordings, news reports, and private text messages.

What did Chris Watts do to his family?

Chris Watts killed his pregnant wife Shanann and their two daughters three years ago, a still-shocking crime that shattered those who thought they knew the picture-perfect young family. From the outside, the Watts family was rather adorable.

Who killed Shannon in the family next door?

Christopher Lee Watts (born May 16, 1985) admitted to murdering his pregnant wife Shanann Cathryn Rzucek (born January 10, 1984) by strangulation. He later admitted to murdering their daughters, four-year-old Bella and three-year-old Celeste, by smothering them with a blanket over their heads.

Is the family next door real footage?

Yes, American Murder: The Family Next Door uses real footage to paint a portrait of the 2018 Watts family murders.

Is Chris Watts movie a true story?

American Murder: Netflix true-crime film uses all real footage, to chilling effect. Review: The disturbing documentary recounts Chris Watts’ murder of his pregnant wife and two young daughters via actual video, phone calls and text messages.

Why did Chris Watts put his daughters in oil?

Chris Watts allegedly stuffed his daughters’ bodies in oil and gas tanks ‘so they wouldn’t smell‘: Sources. The bodies of Chris Watts’ two young daughters were found inside “oil and gas tanks that were were mostly full,” high ranking law enforcement officials told Denver 7.

Was Bella alive in the oil tank?

Bella and Celeste, whose bodies were sitting for days in oil tanks containing unprocessed crude oil, reportedly had the substance in their throats, stomachs, and lungs. The autopsy of the two children stated that the cause of their death was asphyxiation due to smothering.

How did Chris Watts put his daughters in oil tanks?

Chris said he rolled up Shanann’s body in a sheet, put it on the floor of the backseat of his truck before placing the two girls on the backseat. The dad said he didn’t plan to kill his three and four-year-old daughters, but drove out to an oil work site roughly 40 miles from their home.

Who killed Chris Watts daughters?

Chris fails a polygraph test and confesses to his father Ronnie — and then officials — that he killed Shan’ann, but falsely claims that the reason for his murder was because she had smothered their daughters. The three murdered bodies are recovered at Chris’ worksite.

Did Shanann Watts hurt her daughters?

In his initial confession, Chris said that he had strangled Shanann in a “fit of rage” after watching her smother their two daughters, Bella and Celeste. She was upset, he said, because he had tried to talk to her about separating and ending their marriage, and she had retaliated by killing the girls.

Why Chris Watts killed his family?

And while the murders were framed in that fuller confession as a spontaneous act of rage prompted by an argument with Shan’ann over the state of their marriage, Chris has since revealed in letters from prison that he had been planning to kill his family for at least a few hours before doing so.

Where is Christopher Lee Watts?

He’s currently serving his sentence in maximum security prison, Dodge Correctional Institution, in Wisconsin. He pled guilty on nine counts, including murder in the first degree of Shanann, Bella and Cece as well as the unlawful termination of pregnancy.

Is American murder the real people?

The film tells the story of the 2018 Watts family murders, which took place in Frederick, Colorado. It uses archival footage including social media posts, law enforcement recordings, text messages and home video footage to depict the events that occurred.

Did Christopher Watts confess?

Chris eventually confessed to his father that he murdered Shanann, but alleged that it was Shanann who had actually murdered their daughters.

Is Cocomelon a tribute to the Watts family?

Plus, Cocomelon’s official IMDb page’s only trivia fact is that, “Cocomelon is honoring the memory of CeCe, Bella, and Nico Watts – whose lives were stolen in 2018 by their father, Chris Watts.”

What did Chris Watts do with his wife’s body?

When she stopped breathing, Watts dumped her body into an oil tank and walked back to his truck where he did the same thing to Bella. “Daddy, no!” were the last words she said before dying, which Watts says he still hears whenever he closes his eyes.

How were Bella and Cece found?

Using an aerial map, he led investigators to Shanann’s shallow grave about 60 miles from their home, the affidavit said. Bella and Celeste were found submerged in crude oil inside two tanks 100 feet away from their mother’s grave.

Did they find the bodies of Celeste and Bella?

Then, once the tanks were emptied, men in self-contained breathing gear entered and removed the bodies of Bella and Celeste, whose skin came off their bodies as they were passed out of the tanks. Their mother and unborn baby brother Nico were found just 100 yards away in a shallow grave.

What was Celeste Watts last words?

Bella then asked him: “Is the same thing gonna happen to me as Cece?” When Watts did the same thing to her, Bella fought back and said her last words – Daddy, no. Watts dropped Bella’s body into a separate oil tank before burying his wife’s body.

Was Chris Watts a psychopath?

Watts is currently serving a life sentence without the chance of parole after he admitted to the brutal 2018 murders of his 15-week-pregnant wife Shanann, 34, and their two daughters Bella, four, and Celeste, three.

Where is Chris Watts parents now?

THE parents of convicted killer Chris Watts live in North Carolina and are reportedly working on a book about how their son’s actions affected his family’s life forever.

How long is Chris Watts in jail?

On August 13, 2018, Watts strangled his wife, Shanann, in their Colorado home. Then he drove her body to a job site at the oil company where he worked. He buried his wife’s body and then smothered his daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. After pleading guilty to the murders, he received a life sentence.

Why did Chris Watts receive 5 life sentences?

GREELEY — Christopher Watts was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences Monday for “coldly and deliberately” killing his two young daughters and pregnant wife, as the prosecutor described it Monday. Watts, 33, strangled his wife, Shanann Watts, on Aug.