Quick Answer What is its Always the Husband about?

Three young women who could not be more different meet as college roommates and become fast friends. Wealthy, privileged, blonde and gorgeous, Kate Eastman seems like she has it all. But her Park Avenue upbringing conceals a tragic loneliness and a wild side powerful enough to drag down everyone around her.

How many books has Michelle Campbell written?

Michele Campbell

Who dies in it’s always the husband?

All of these tensions lead up to Aubrey’s decision to commit suicide with Kate, except that Lucas inadvertently dies instead. The girls keep quiet about the circumstances of Lucas’ death, but 20 years later, they all end up living back in their old college town.

What genre is always the husband?

It’s Always the Husband: A Novel

Who wrote the book it’s always the husband?

About the Author

A graduate of Harvard University and Stanford Law School, Michele Campbell worked at a prestigious Manhattan law firm before spending eight years fighting crime as a federal prosecutor in New York City. Michele is the author of She Was the Quiet One and It’s Always the Husband.