What age is The Graveyard Book appropriate for?

The novel is aimed at 8 – 11 year olds, but the gruesome murder descriptions in the first chapter may push the age up. Parents should read that bit and then decide. Nearly every chapter is a self contained short story about an incident in Bod’s life. This makes it ideal for dipping into, and for reading at bedtime.

What is The Graveyard Book mainly about?

The Graveyard Book tells the story of Nobody Owens, whose family was murdered at home when he was a toddler of 18 months. The boy wandered through the open door and up to the cemetery, where the dead decided to rescue him and raise him.

Is Silas a vampire in The Graveyard Book?

Silas is Bod’s guardian. The novel heavily implies that he’s a vampire: he has no reflection in mirrors, he sleeps in a steamer trunk, and he assumes a batlike form when he’s not in his tall, pale, human form.

What is the main problem in The Graveyard Book?

The novel’s main conflict revolves around the Jack of all Trade’s desire to murder Bod, who survived Jack Frost’s first attack, and who is protected by those living in the graveyard.

Is The Graveyard Book for adults?

A new edition of Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Graveyard Book’ (l.) targets an adult audience and forgoes mentioning the book’s Newbery Medal. This edition is expressly for adults, says Jennifer Hart, associate publisher at William Morrow Paperbacks.

Is The Graveyard Book good for adults?

Neil Gayman is an extremely talented writer for both adults and young adults, and “The Graveyard Book” is suitable, and eminently enjoyable, for young adults and adults alike. One of Gaiman’s great attributes as a writer is that he never insults his audience.

Who is Nobody Owens?

Bod is the most Goth kid you’ll ever meet – he lives in a graveyard and is raised by ghosts, a vampire, and a werewolf, for Pete’s sake.

Who is Scarlett Amber Perkins?

Scarlett is Bod’s only living friend throughout his childhood. Five-year-old Scarlett meets Bod when her parents take her to play in the graveyard, but her parents believe that Bod is just Scarlett’s imaginary friend.

Why was Scarlett in the graveyard?

Not so with Scarlett. The first time, her parents convince her the experience was imaginary. But at least that time, she returned to the graveyard to tell Bod that he was brave and that she believed in him.

How was Silas killed?

Silas finds Amara tied on a tree and while he tries to untie her, she begs him to kill her. Stefan appears and they start fighting, with Stefan finally stabbing him. Silas dies and Amara stabs herself.

Who does Silas look like?

At the close of The Vampire Diaries’ fourth season, it was revealed Stefan was Silas’ doppelganger as he took his place and locked him in a safe which he then threw in a quarry. In The Vampire Diaries season 5, Silas goes after Katherine whose blood now contains the immortality cure.

Does The Graveyard Book have a sequel?

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful graphic adaptation of The Graveyard Book. “The Graveyard Book: Volume 2” is the second volume in a two-part graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 2008 children’s novel “The Graveyard Book.” Artist P.

How does the graveyard book end?

The Graveyard Book ends when Bod is about fifteen years old. We see him gradually losing his Freedom of the Graveyard powers (must be puberty), and then leaving the graveyard by himself with money, a passport, and big, big dreams.

What is BOD’s real name in the graveyard book?

The Graveyard Book is a young adult novel by the English author Neil Gaiman, simultaneously published in Britain and America in 2008. The Graveyard Book traces the story of the boy Nobody “Bod” Owens who is adopted and reared by the supernatural occupants of a graveyard after his family is brutally murdered.

What does the lady in GREY symbolize in the graveyard book?

The Lady on the Grey is another super-mysterious figure. She might be a personification of death – which means she’s death in human form, like a prettier version of the Grim Reaper. She says that everybody – and that means you, too – will eventually get to ride her white horse (called a “grey”).

Does The Graveyard Book have a movie?

Disney’s live-action film chief has confirmed the studio is still developing a movie based on The Graveyard Book. The original novel by Neil Gaiman was published in 2008 and won several prestigious literary awards, including the American Newberry Medal.

What is Neil Gaiman’s most popular book?

With over 800,000 ratings, “American Gods” is the most popular Neil Gaiman book amongst Goodreads reviewers. In this fantastical tale woven with ancient and modern legends, Shadow meets a fascinating man named Mr.

What reading level is fortunately the milk?

Fortunately, the Milk | Gaiman, Neil | Lexile &amp
Reading Level: 680.

How does nobody come to the graveyard?

How Nobody Came to the Graveyard. Fasten your seatbelts, folks – The Graveyard Book begins with a sharp knife. A man named Jack has the knife in his hand as he creeps into a house, leaving the front door slightly open.

Is The Graveyard Book a series?

The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel (2 book series) Kindle Edition. The first volume of a glorious two-volume, four-color graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s #1 New York Times bestselling and Newbery Medal-winning novel The Graveyard Book, adapted by P.

Why should I read The Graveyard Book?

Gaiman writes about the world of the dead as he reminds us to cherish the time we have in this life. Because most of the characters in The Graveyard Book are eternal, the experiences of the mortal main character, Nobody Owens, are seen in stark relief.

Where does the Sleer live in The Graveyard Book?

The Sleer is a mysterious being that resides in the graveyard’s barrow grave. Bod only sees the Sleer once
it’s huge, with three heads featuring indigo designs and the body of a snake. It speaks in a hissing, slithery voice, and Bod can also hear its body slithering around the walls of the barrow grave’s chamber.

Who is Miss Lupescu in The Graveyard Book?

Miss Lupescu is a Hound of God—that is, a werewolf—who acts as Bod’s guardian whenever Silas is away. According to Miss Lupescu, Hounds of God don’t see their transformation to a wolf as a bad thing—rather, they see it as a gift from God.

Who are the jacks in The Graveyard Book?

The Jacks of All Trades are a top-secret group. They’ve been around for thousands of years. It’s an organization called brotherhood, or fraternal order. In other words, no girls allowed.

Who is Mr Owens in The Graveyard Book?

Owens are Bod’s graveyard parents. Including the time they’ve been in the graveyard, they’ve been married 250 years. Their one regret is that they never had kids.

How is Mrs Owens described in The Graveyard Book?

Mrs. Owens is a kindly ghost who appoints herself Bod’s adoptive mother when the ghost of Bod’s recently murdered biological mother begs the Owenses to protect the baby. Mrs. Owens is a stout woman who’s generous and kind.

How did Liza Hempstock get her revenge?

How did Liza get her revenge? Liza floated when they put her in the water to see if she floated or sunk. Liza casted a spell on them.

What is Miss Lupescu powers?

Miss Lupescu was not only feeding Bod’s with home-cooked, high-nutrition food, she was also teaching him discipline and practical knowledge. She told him about all the supernatural beings in the world, including ghouls and Hounds of God. She also taught him ways to call for help in every language in the world.

In what way did Scarlett’s parents give her freedom of the graveyard?

In what way did Scarlett’s parents give her the Freedom of the Graveyard? Do you think that they acted responsibly? Scarlett’s parents allowed her to play and go anywhere she wanted in the graveyard.

Who is Nehemiah Trot?

In the graveyard, Nehemiah Trot is known as the Poet. He was a writer and a poet in life and Bod often seeks him out for advice. Nehemiah speaks in flowery sentences and often repeats himself as he tries out new words or sentence constructions.