What happens in the book HUNTED?

In HUNTED, Yeva and her two older sisters live a prosperous life in a small village thanks to their successful merchant father. Yeva spends her days visiting with a baronessa and her evenings baking bread and telling stories by the fire with her family.

Is there romance in HUNTED by Meagan Spooner?

It’s powerful, though, and Spooner captures that feeling so wonderfully here. Surprisingly, it’s very… not romantic. There is no time given over to lusty encounters and stolen kisses with a somehow sexy beast.

What is HUNTED by Meagan Spooner about?

This is a retelling of the archetypical story of “girl meets bad boy with heart of gold,” i.e., “Beauty and the Beast.” Yeva is the youngest of three daughters, and has always been called Beauty by her father. Her father, an excellent hunter, became a merchant to make a better living, and then lost his fortune.

For what age is the HUNTED book?

Ages 13–up.

Is Hunted a standalone?

Twitter acquired the music discovery service We Are Hunted last year and is using its technology to build a standalone music app, CNET has learned.

What genre is the book hunted?


Is hunted by Meagan Spooner part of a series?

Spooner began a series of historical-style retellings in 2017 with Hunted, inspired by Beauty and the Beast and the Russian story of the Firebird. The book was given a starred review by Kirkus.