What happens in the book Swing?

In bestselling authors Kwame Alexander and Mary Rand Hess’ Swing, Noah and his best friend Walt want to become cool, make the baseball team, and find love. With the help of old love letters, Noah feels he can finally woo Sam, the girl he’s loved for years.

Is Swing a good book?

I loved this book– so happy I was selected to be part of the launch team. The dialogue between Walt and Noah is beautifully captured. The teens are honest with one another as they navigate life in high school. The friendship between Sam and Noah is complex and one-sided.

What is the theme of the book Swing?

New York Times bestselling authors Kwame Alexander and Mary Rand Hess (Solo) tell a lyrical story about hope, courage, and love that will speak to anyone who’s struggled to find their voice. Swing is out and available for purchase now.

What is Noah like in Swing?

The free verse tells a story as complex as the classic jazz music woven throughout. Noah is the narrator, but it is Swing, with his humor, irresistible charm, and optimism, who steals the spotlight. All the secondary characters are distinctive and add texture to the narrative.

Who is the main character in Swing?

For example, the book Swing by Kwame Alexander features the main character Noah, an African American high school boy who desperately wants to be cool, something usually achieved through outstanding athletic ability at the baseball diamond. Instead, Noah is gifted in the art of painting.

What is Noah’s last name in Swing?

978-0-310-76191-4. While high school junior Noah is the narrator of this verse novel, the true star of the piece is his best friend, Walt “Swing” Jones, a constantly upbeat and quirky hopeless romantic who obsesses over baseball, causes of death, and jazz.

Who are the characters in Swing?

Swing is about two best friends, Noah and Walt (aka Swing) who are still close, but headed in somewhat different directions. Walt is a dreamer perfecting his baseball swing and working on his suave approach to girls.

What does Kwame Alexander like to do?

Alexander had always held a deep love for reading and writing. But at Virginia Tech, for a time, he wanted to be a doctor. Then he took a writing class with Nikki Giovanni, the noted author and poet. He said her energy brought him back to writing as a career, and to poetry.

What is the conflict in Swing by Kwame Alexander?

Patriotic duty vs. empathetic obligation towards our fellow man. Kwame and Mary SWING the readers thinking around, fluctuating with hard-hitting emotion that leaves one breathless, wondering about our own lives in the midst of all that is good and evil. Our own little lives — up against the global society.

What happens at the end of Swing?

The movie ends with a dramatic conclusion of Peter by himself getting ready to go and do the unthinkable. He knew that he would be entering the forbidden territory of the Swing club and he was finally ready to accept the consequences, because he was not going to let anyone dictate his moral character.

Who inspired Kwame Alexander?

Kwame recalled finding two items in his attic: his father’s jazz records, and a scrapbook containing photos and front-page news features of his father playing basketball. When he sat down to write The Crossover, basketball, and jazz became sources of inspiration.

What degree does Kwame Alexander have?