What is black and white book about?

Marcus is black
Eddie is white. Stars of their school basketball team, they are true leaders who look past the stereotypes and come out on top. They are inseparable, watching each other’s backs, both on and off the basketball court. But one night—and one wrong decision—will change their lives forever.

Is there a book called Black and White?

Black &amp
White is a non-fiction book written by Shiva Naipaul and published by Hamish Hamilton in the U.K. in 1980

What genre is black and white the book by Paul Volponi?

Why did Paul Volponi write black and white?

I was inspired to write Black and White, a novel about two Long Island City High School basketball stars and best friends who thought they’d “put all that racial crap behind us till we were almost like real blood-brothers,” by several very real experiences in New York City.

What year does the book Black and White take place?

The main story takes place in 2112 with five sections covering earlier events, starting ten years ago, and moving up to as five, with each year covering one of the school years at the academy.

How many pages does the book Black and White have?


ISBN-13: 9780142406922
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 108,835
Product dimensions: 5.56(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.56(d)
Lexile: HL710L (what’s this?)

Does Richard Williams have a book?

Richard Williams

When was Paul Volponi born?

February 6, 1924

Paolo Volponi
Born February 6, 1924 Urbino, Italy
Died August 23, 1994 (aged 70) Ancona, Italy
Alma mater University of Urbino
Profession Poet and writer

Who wrote the book black and white?

Why are the two main characters Eddie Russo and Marcus Brown friends?

-Eddie and Marcus are best friends and they are called “Black and White”. –Eddie and Marcus are the best players on their basketball team, and could get a big scholarship. -They starting robbing people to pay senior dues and shoes for basketball.

What is the theme of Black and White?

Black evokes sophistication
white communicates innocence
. It’s clear: black and white are opposites.

What is the theme of Black and White by Paul Volponi?

Theme. The theme of the book “Black and White” by Paul Volponi is racism. Even though Eddie and Marcus are different races they are still best friends. Racism is a problem later on in the novel when it comes to who will go down for the crime Eddie committed.

Who is Rose in Black and White by Paul Volponi?

They happen to be the same age at 18 years old and are seniors at Long-Island High School. Eddie is white and short. He has a sister named Rose, which is who Marcus likes, and a mom.

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Does Serena Williams have a sister?

Serena Williams

Does Venus and Serena have other siblings?

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Where does Paul Volponi live?

Volponi lives in New York City.

Where did Paul Volponi grow up?

PV: I grew up several blocks from Rikers Island, and as I wandered the streets with a basketball in my hands, many cars pulled up to ask, “Hey, kid, How do I get to Rikers Island?” (It’s on a difficult avenue to find).