What is the focus of HSPD 9?

Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 9, issued by President Bush on January 30, 2004, establishes a national policy to defend the agriculture and food system against terrorist attacks, major disasters, and other emergencies.

What is an HSPD?

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), Policy for a Common Identification Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors directs the implementation of a standardized badging process, which is designed to enhance security, reduce identity fraud, and protect the personal privacy of those issued government …

Which Hspd directed the establishment?

HSPD-5 and DHS. Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-5 (2003) directed the U.S. government to establish a single, integrated national incident command system to be used during national emergencies.

What does Hspd 8 do?

This directive is aimed at strengthening the security and resilience of the United States through systematic preparation for the threats that pose the greatest risk to the security of the Nation, including acts of terrorism, cyber attacks, pandemics, and catastrophic natural disasters.

What did HSPD 5 create?

The purpose of this directive, which was issued on Feb. 28, 2003, is to enhance the ability of the United States to manage domestic incidents by establishing a single, comprehensive national incident management system.

How many Hspd are there?

National Security Presidential Directives George W. Bush Administration

Number Homeland Security Presidential Directive Title
HSPD 8 National Preparedness
HSPD 9 Defense of United States Agriculture and Food
HSPD 10 Biodefense for the 21st Century
HSPD 11 Comprehensive Terrorist-Related Screening Procedures

When did HSPD 12 start?

Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 12, dated August 27, 2004, established a policy for creation, issuance, and use of personal identification credentials in the Federal Government.

What does HSPD 7 focus on?

The organization’s mission includes analysis, warning, information sharing, vulnerability reduction, mitigation, and aiding national recovery efforts for critical infrastructure information systems.

What is the focus of HSPD 5?

Issued on February 28, 2003 by President Bush, Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 5 serves the purpose to enhance the ability of the United States to manage domestic incidents by establishing a single, comprehensive national incident management system.

Who signed HSPD 5?

In February 2003, President George W. Bush signed Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 (HSPD-5), an order mandating the development of the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

What are the two federal directives?

What are the two federal directives?

  • NEF 1: Ensuring the continued functioning of our form of government under the United States Constitution, including the functioning of the three separate branches of government.
  • NEF 2: Providing leadership visible to the Nation and the world and maintaining the trust and confidence of the American people.

What are the two Federal Continuity Directives?

Federal Continuity Directive 1 (FCD-1), and Federal Continuity Directive 2 (FCD-2) are directive documents intended for Federal Executive Branch and provides operational direction for the development of contininuity plans and programs.

What is the PPD 21?

Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21), Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience (February 2013), establishes national policy on critical infrastructure security and resilience advancing a national unity of effort to strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure.

What did Hspd 3 do?

Homeland Security Presidential Directive-3. The Nation requires a Homeland Security Advisory System to provide a comprehensive and effective means to disseminate information regarding the risk of terrorist acts to Federal, State, and local authorities and to the American people.

What was before the DHS?

It began operations in 2003, formed as a result of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, enacted in response to the September 11 attacks. With more than 240,000 employees, DHS is the third-largest Cabinet department, after the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

What is the focus of HSPD 20?

HSPD-20 National Continuity PolicyExit Exit EPA website (7 pp, 144 K, About PDF) establishes a comprehensive national policy on the continuity of Federal Government structures and operations after a catastrophic emergency.

Is a presidential directive a law?

Presidential Directives are a specific form of Executive Order that state the Executive Branch’s national security policy, and carry the force and effect of law, stating requirements for the Executive Branch. Over time, Presidents have used different names for Presidential Directives.

What is a PPD presidential?

In the Barack Obama Administration, the directives that are used to promulgate Presidential decisions on national security matters are designated Presidential Policy Directives (PPDs). Directives that are used to initiate policy review procedures are called Presidential Study Directives (PSDs).

Is a Presidential Memorandum law?

Unlike executive orders, memoranda are not required by law to be published in the Federal Register, but publication is necessary in order to have “general applicability and legal effect”. The Federal Register gives publication priority to executive orders and presidential proclamations over memoranda.

What are the HSPD-12 requirements?

HSPD-12 requires development and agency implementation of a mandatory, government-wide standard for secure and reliable forms of identification for federal employees and contractors requiring physical access to federally controlled facilities and logical access to federally controlled information systems.

What is the function of HSPD 1?

The specific purpose of HSPD 1 is to set up and define the organization and operation of the Homeland Security Council. “Securing Americans from terrorist threats or attacks is a critical national security function.

What is USA access?

USAccess is a shared service that provides Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentialing services and support for federal employees and contractors at established locations throughout the country.

What is PDD 63?

Presidential Decision Directive 63 is the culmination of an intense, interagency effort to evaluate those recommendations and produce a workable and innovative framework for critical infrastructure protection. Included is the President’s policy, and the new structure to deal with this important challenge.

What did the Homeland Security Presidential Directive No 7 HSPD 7 do quizlet?

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7: Critical Infrastructure Identification, Prioritization, and Protection. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 establishes a national policy for Federal departments and agencies to identify and prioritize critical infrastructure and to protect them from terrorist attacks.

Which homeland security presidential directive covered the continuity of the federal government in the event of catastrophic emergency?


Other short titles NSPD51, HSPD20, ED51
Signed by George W. Bush on May 4, 2007
The directive “establishes a comprehensive national policy on the continuity of Federal Government structures and operations” in the event of a “catastrophic emergency”