What is the main idea of the book Game Changer?

The theme/message in the book Game Changer by Tommy Greenwald is that you may think something’s over, but you should always have hope. This is the theme because throughout the book, everyone kept hope and then lost it.

What type of book is Game Changer?

Game Changer

Is Game Changer book based on a true story?

The HBO movie “Game Change” may not be the whole story, but it is a true story about Sarah Palin and the power of ineptitude in American politics.

Is Game Changer a good book?

5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling, engrossing storytelling that is about far more than football. While ‘Game Changer’ is technically a book about football, it’s really so much more than a sports story.

Who is the main character in game changer?

Thirteen-year-old Teddy Youngblood is in a coma, fighting for his life after an unspecified football injury at training camp. His family and friends flock to his bedside to support his recovery—and to discuss the events leading up to the tragic accident.

How many pages are in the book Game changer?


ISBN-13: 9781419736971
Publisher: ABRAMS
Publication date: 02/02/2021
Series: Game Changer Series
Pages: 304

What age is the Game Changer book for?

13+ readers

ISBN: 9781406398632
Suitable for: 13+ readers, YA readers
Genres: Gritty Reads, Personal Social Health Economic , Politics & Law, School Stories, Science Fiction, Sporting Stories
Recommendations: Star Books
Collections: Best Children’s Books of 2021,

Can kids watch the game changers?

Informative but not kid friendly.

How many pages are in the book Game Changer by Neal Shusterman?


ISBN-13: 9780061998683
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 142,767
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 14 – 17 Years

Is the a sequel to game changer by Tommy Greenwald?

Rivals: (A Game Changer companion novel) Hardcover – March 23, 2021. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

What did Ethan do while Teddy was recovering in the hospital?

What did Ethan do while Teddy was recovering in the hospital? He met several time to talk with a therapist.

Who is the author of gamechanger?

Who is the weightlifter in game changers?

Kendrick Farris. Kendrick Farris is a three-time Pan American Games champion, the current American record-holder in the Clean and Jerk as well as Total Weight, and the only American weightlifter to compete in the last three Olympic Games.

Who are the doctors in the game changers?

Who are the doctors in the game changers?

  • Dr Kim Williams (left) and Dr Scott Stoll (right)
  • The Game Changers follows martial arts athlete James Wilks on a quest to uncover the ideal diet for human performance.

Who is Ethan in game changer?

Ethan, the boy who may have been responsible for Teddy’s condition, is supposed to tell all to a school therapist. Online, the students have started a thread that is supposed to support Teddy but quickly morphs into a place where questions are being asked and doubts are being spread.

What level is Game Changer?

Game Changers: Book 1

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 4 – 6 48237

Is James Wilks still vegan?

James has not hit the vegan mark, so we have not given him a permanent profile on this site. This is because a neighbour has rescued bees, and he eats honey from their hive. James, if you make the last steps to full vegan you’d be very welcome as a permanent profile.

Is the game changers on Netflix?

Meeting visionary scientists and top athletes, a UFC fighter embarks on a quest to find the optimal diet for human performance and health. Watch all you want.

Is Jackie Chan a vegan?

Jackie Chan is a vegetarian and when he met vegetarian actress Mallika Sherawat he was so enchanted about her being a veg that he invited her directly to a vegetarian dinner – according to Mallika’s own statement!

Will there be a scythe movie?

Scythe is an upcoming movie adaptation of the novel, Scythe by Neal Shusterman. It is currently in development with Universal, and Amblin Entertainment.

What genre is Game Changer by Neal Shusterman?

Game Changer