When should I start the book of centuries?

Kids don’t begin the Book of Centuries until they’re about 10 years old, and starting older is OK too. If you want to start one with younger children, create a family version — one all members of the family contribute to in some way.

How do you use the book centuries?

Putting Your Book of Centuries Together

Put the pages in chronological order into a three-ring notebook. The first two pages in the notebook should be 4000–3901 B.C. and the last two pages should be A.D. 2001–2100. (Remember that the B.C. dates count backward and the A.D. dates count forward.

How do you keep the book of centuries?

How to Do a Book of Centuries

How do you make Charlotte Mason timeline?

How to Use a Book of Centuries | Charlotte Mason History Timeline

What is a book of centuries Charlotte Mason?

A Book of Centuries is basically a timeline in a book. Every two-page spread covers one hundred years—a century—that’s why it’s called a Book of Centuries. So you will need a notebook with every two-page spread labeled with one century, going in chronological order.