Dsquared2 number: dt948 color: black and white code: M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL new high-end cotton print yupoo tst

Versac * E Chane * LVersac * E Nik * E M-XXL

valentino kullu Yupoo Gucci Bags Watches Nike Clothing Nike Jordan Yeezy Balenciaga Bags

Versac * e dio * r M1286Versac * and prad * a 1bg405Versac * E Chane * LP2236Versac * e l * 5 m58747Versac * E Gucc * I 603221

Versac * E L * v Notebook R20005Versac * e MBLouis Vuitton LV five -in -one Yupoo Multi Pochette Bags Messenger Bag has many ins -net celebrity models, as well as Yang Chenlin's various upper body super growing grass, one pack for multiple, classic SIZE: 24 0 × 13 0 × 4 5 5

Prada PRADA PRD HOBO three -in -one Messenger Bag Single BackpackPrada PRADA PRD HOBO three -in -one Messenger Bag single backpack accessoriesPrada PRADA PRD HOBO three -in -one Messenger Bag single backpack nylon material is not easy to scratch, waterproof and strong, add a small bag as accessories, beautiful and practical, Xiaohongshu is messy, hesitating sisters can close their eyes and enter their eyes. Size: 24*6*15Louis Vuitton lv Nano Speedy Yupoo Baguette Bag Timetable Reference

Louis Vuitton Lv Nano Speedy Yupoo Baguette Bag TimletLouis Vuitton lv Nano Speedy Yupoo Baguette Bag Ts. Tsatimer Bodon, one who can still be fashionable for a lifetime but still fashionable. Who does not love? The old flowers are not out of date, the abrasion resistance is particularly good and practical. It is enough to make people fascinating. Speedy is super good. Even if it is simply a white T, yupoo jeans clothing, it is super invincible. Adjustable disassembly shoulder straps, adapting to various back methods, adjusting the length at will, and removing the shoulder strap as a yupoo handbags. It is also very beautiful. Size: 18*15*12

valentino kullu Yupoo Gucci Bags Watches Nike Clothing Nike Jordan Yeezy Balenciaga Bags

Dior Dior CD Oblique vertical version of Saddle Bag single Backpack Messenger BagDior Dior CD OBLIQUE vertical version of the Saddle Bag single Backpack Messenger Bag is carefully made with soft cowhide, which can be adjusted to fit the body comfortably, which is convenient for crossing. A single partition layer can easily store small daily necessities such as mobile phones, Yupoo Wallet. Dior baby and other stars such as unique and novel design styles, counter commemorative Saddle Bag! Poison family heavy mold opening to create SIZE: 18 × 15Gucci Yupoo Gucci GUC22FW line design zipper pocket hooded. Customized hardware zipper, the original version of the same hat rope, its epithelial decoration, logo pressing technology. Larn -wide version, short dress length SIZE: 48 50 52LOEWE LOEWE 22FW double -sided cashmere Yupoo Jacket Clothing jacket original version of Hangzhou National College 20900 purchased. The weaving yarn uses 90%wool+10%cashmere ingredients, custom 16 × 14 leather labels, heavy machine pressure flower technology, handicrafts around the skin standards are used. In the oil edge process, the leather edge process is adopted at the opening. It is purely hand -opened, hot edges, sewing, sealing, and stitching. The output is very low. A worker can only produce 0 7 pieces a day, customize 25mm real horn buckle, customize customization, customized customization 10mm at the bottom of the real horn buckle, custom 12mm air -eye bright silver, empty 5mm side 3 5mm, customized black print LOGO large dust bag, customized accessories, large factory production is very tested by workmanship,

Gucci/ YUPOO Gucci 22FW Beach Coconut Coconut Ultimate denim jacket spot on sale! Strong recommendation of official website new models, embroidered retro denim jackets! Loose silhouette versatile and thin, the upper body effect is excellent, proper age reduction wind. Nostalgic light blue water washing water is never outdated. Imported water -washing denim fabrics, comfortable and unattractive feel, clear texture texture! Grand factory high -quality workmanship, Original Quality Top Version! Customized original auxiliary materials, all three standards. Yupoo Mens Womens. Color: Wash blue SIZE: 36 38 40 42GUCCI/ YUPOO Gucci 22FW full -printed LOGO denim jacket 2022 FW autumn and winter new knitted long -sleeved jackets are full of double -high G flower effects, canvas knitted and blended fabrics, positive symmetry, double pockets, custom -made shiny -noodles, Zhang Zai, the details are full of size: 46-52 (M-XXL)Prada/ Prada 22FW Triangle Pagoda round neck Yupoo Hoodies Clothing official website is the same model. It is simple and atmospheric. Size: s-xlGucci/ Yupoo Gucci 21SS three -dimensional love apple embroidered LOGO print Mens Womens hooded hoody hooded yupoo hoodies clothing heavy felt knitted cotton, completely reduced to the version of 420 grams, washed the clothes twice, the fabric is comfortable and skinny. Feeling, the version is soft and glutinous, with the same counter, exquisite apple embroidery plus brand Yupoo Gucci Logo, the high -level sense is absolutely full, color: black, pink size: s m l

Burberry/ Burberry 22FW checked diamond -shaped seam cotton cotton cotton cotton cotton Show a casual version. The stand -up collar design, embellishment of brand embroidery logo. The inner tendon cutting uses a khaki checked diamond stitching. All the details are very in place and one big pocket each. The practicality is very strong! In winter, it can be used to warm hands, and it can be used to install the LOGO on the left pocket on the left side of the east to west. Letters embroidery, adding the layers and design fixed -dyeing fabrics of YUPOOOOTHINGPrada/ Prada PRD 22 new chest triangle standard Yupoo T Shirts Clothing shirt compared to market fabrics cannot achieve such high density and delicate and soft. Even if the water is washed multiple times, the chest triangle is also made. The compound fabric composite the laser cutting achieves the real one-to-one market.

valentino kullu Yupoo Gucci Bags Watches Nike Clothing Nike Jordan Yeezy Balenciaga Bags

FEAR of God Reunion Line Pentagram Printing Hoody Hooding Hoodies Clothing, a street brand F0G, established by Jerry Lorenz in LA in 2013. With its unique street Gothic style, it has gained a lot of trendy fashion industry in a very short time. fan. Many celebrities are sought after, such as Kan Ye, Justinbieber, all of F0G's top fans. The F0G material is really conscience materials, from the cloth to the cutting, and then to the printing. Essence Essence Essence Essence Oversize's effect is high and thin. Original fabric, 460 grams of light pill, refined cotton double gauze fabric texture thick textureBurberry / Burberry 2022 autumn and winter new brown checkered cotton clothing Burberry2022 Autumn and winter new cotton jacket This color is very suitable for autumn and winter season Burberry / Burberry 22FW Cordy Cotton Cotton Jacket Yupoo Jacket Clothing Noodle color and material and material The collision can get a sense of high level at once ~ One big pocket each has a strong practicality! In winter, it can be used to warm hands and can be used to install things. Among them, the right pocket has a double -layer irregular design, which increases the level and design of the yupoo clothing 003 003

Thom Browne TB 22SS Sleeve Sleeve Yupoo Jacket Clothing Jacket Original Masterpiece Masterpiece Production uses the original version of the woolen woolen leather sleeve design high -definition screw high -definition original standard shipping authentic hard money to ensure the needle distance Film work, fine work, and self-founding water line factory to produce SIZE: 0-4Kale E Yupoo GUCCI 22FW Doberman printed hooded Yupoo Hoodies Clothing fabric uses 84%cotton 16%polyester Dior velvet and uses a large fish scales to grab the facial facial feel to use the coating technology Treatment fabric comfortable skin, skin -friendly, no different sensitive version of soft and glutinous sensation, full of cloth texture stock lines, clear and obvious chest patterns adopt the white ink printing process Doberman Dober effect Gradient and three -dimensional printing process, the whole imported machine is fine -tuned Details and color debugging up to 15 color shades of color shadows are too large to show the color layered cuffs of the pattern.Balenciaga / Balenciaga Locking Print Washing Wash the old hat Yupoo Hoodies Clothing Printing: Printing materials are materials for safe, environmentally friendly, non -toxic baby certification; printed outlines are clear and clean, and the texture of Kangli machine is cleaned; Turn over and wash, protect the fabric: use 26 refined combing cotton+10 whole cotton, gram weight 480g. The fabric uses domestic high -quality cotton yarn. Xinjiang cotton is a recognized outer material in domestic cotton. The fabric is weaved with internationally recognized Fukuhara knitting machine. The fabric texture is clear, good elastic, and very anti -wrinkleKenzo 22FW Begonia Flower Print Yupoo Hoodies Clothing 90%cotton 10%polyester 380g fleece grip Lightweight design Yupoo Hoodies Clothing Three-dimensional tailoring of the whole body high-elastic water washing stitching Size: S-XLWE11 Done double -sided puppet barrage is full of printing letters yupoo sweater cardigan's cardigan fabric ingredient ratio is 60%wool+35%nylon+5%cashmere yarn, fixed -dye dyeing yarn, double -sided littering process into fabrics, single yupoo clothing There are 5 slices of library tailoring and weaving, using 40/2 wool pure cotton mixing lines, high number of knitted wool ring fabrics, 12 stitches of Stoll import machines, four air plus four flat crafts, three -shift four -level needle walk away A needle is empty, with delicate and elasticity, naturally fit the body, skin -friendly and comfortable, version slim fit, retracting four -flat double -layer tissue, can maintain a wide and stylish key part, elastic thread cuffs, real wool blended wool, real wool blended wool, Soft and comfortable, full of hair,Repressent 21FW Double R letter printing hat shirt fabric uses 32S cotton double gauze combed long velvet cotton cotton cotton The tightly spinning and the body fabric of the same cylinder dye 0 color difference printing is a set of color plasma printing surface before and after the plastic printing.

Repreent 21FW blue shark printed hat shirt fabric uses 32S cotton double gauze combed long velvet cotton yupoo hoodies clothing wool rims to be washed after washing 450g after washing 450g, fixed dye cuffs, 2*2 cotton bomb no thread The tight spinning and the body fabric are the same as the cylinder dye 0 color difference printing. Before and after the plasma printing, it is a set of color plasma printing surfaces and then a layer of protective pulp machine.Y3 Yamamoto Yamamoto 22FW hat -three -bar wound drawn tap Yupoo Hoodies Clothing high Original Quality 400g Tyson cotton cotton hair rigid and well -styled Yupoo Mens Womens with the same details of the same version of the large classic minimalist outline. With color matching, there is no dead angle. Details The quality control is impeccable. The super handsome Yupoo Mens Womens raw Yupoo Original Quality Original Quality single product explodes on every street

WE11Done 22FW White Alphabacus Barrage Blossom Blossom Yupoo Hoodies Clothing Yupoo Sweater Faber Fixed Dyeing with 100%anti -free gel wool uses imported seven -shot automatic computer gauze to fix multiple single -stock yarn strips into strips into strips There is no hairy veil, so when weaving, you need to burn high -temperature fur. This is why the above why the imported machine is made of the knit sweater is very comfortable. Actually, it is CVC hair. Making full -piece eye -catching process is a common sewing method made by special stocks in the special stock seam position of the position of the shoulder sleeves.0FF White C/O Virgil 21FW lava arrow printing hooded hooded yuPoo Hoodies Clothing Faber fixed -dyeing dyeing 420g coat cotton silky silky clothing premium treatment does not reduce color. Printing. A total of 8 sets of network version of Maobian is very difficult to adjust the front screen of the front screen. The color part cannot be used to show the three -dimensional sense of the non -black part.

0FF White C/O Virgil 21FW religious skull arrow printed hooded hooded yupoo hoodies clothing fabric fixed -dye dyeing 420g cotton noodles smooth texture coat washing pre -treatment. A total of 8 sets of net version of the edge -free edge is very difficult to adjust the front screen of the front screen of the front screen. The black background part should not be used as a white digital base white convex to show the non -black part of the three -dimensional sense.Chrome Hearts Yupoo Chrome Hearts 22 -year -old newly paste leather back silver trim and hoodie pursuit of Original Quality absolutely guaranteed quality! The fabric uses 400 grams of cotton coil fabric, the texture is clearly visible, the texture is soft and smooth, full of sag! There is a certain thickness of the most avant -garde street item that can be easily matched with a certain thickness of the light and low -body material. Dye colorlessness! The original fabric on both sides is first compounded, laser cutting, hairy -free edges, customized accessories! Exquisite workmanship, shoulders

Chrome Hearts Yupoo Chrome Hearts 22 -year -old newly paste leather back silver zipper hoodie on the map collectionBalenciaga/ Balenciaga 520 series solid -color digital printing Yupoo Sweater Yupoo Mens Womens same model Balenciaga was founded by Cristobal Balenciaga, a great genius designer represented by the 20th century. Lenciaga has always been fashionable, elegant Well -known in the fashion industry, its theme products include Women and Yupoo Mensns bags, locomotive bags, Yupoo Sneakers Zapatillas Shoes and fashion.LOEWE / LOEWE 22SS autumn and winter new round neck sweater yuPoo Sweater is simple and versatile. Cashmere+wool+polyester fiber+sticky fiber golden ratio blended fabric, the same model of Yupoo Mens Womens. Three standards are complete. Size: S-LPrada/ Prada 22SS Modal Round -neckline Yupoo Sweater long -sleeved this conventional version of the WOMENS round neck Yupoo Sweater is made with exquisite and delicate Modal fabrics. Essence The 2022 Autumn and Winter series uses a mixed -matching checkered modern WOMENS image with a streamlined and full silhouette. Size: S-L

Louis Vuitton LV Keepall Bandoulie 50 Switching Travel Bag N40360 with packagingLouis Vuitton LV Keepall Bandoulie 50 Switching Travel Bag N40360 Giant Damierebne canal with natural leather trim, NIGO iconic melting ice cream pattern embellishment can be stored for a week. Giant Damier Ebene Monogram coating canvas A fabric lining-a pair of zipper opening and closing of the cowhide decoration side, with a pocket lock inner bag for demolition, adjustable shoulder straps, counter PVC environmentally friendly material, black webbing adjustable band, with metal metal, with metal metal Bring white metal logo letters details, zipper bags and smartphone bags, lining with dark grid bags, black nylon lining &

Louis Vuitton LV scarecrow small box Camera Bag catwalk limited edition attached packagingLouis Vuitton LV Scarecrow Camera Bags Walking Limited Edition Wu Yifan's Meng Meng Super Cute Yupoo Mens Womens General Course

Balenciaga Balenciaga knife cutting the cave fans double -layer Yupoo Jeans Clothing fabric: fixed dyeing dyeing raw cloth, denim cloth, very high -level texture! Double -layer material, inside custom fan camouflage cotton cotton comfortable fabric! Craft: embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroide Tear, cutting, grinding, and breaking the craftsmanship are huge, all of which are hand -made by the worker master, and it is restored one by one. The auxiliary material hardware is more loose and loose, and the Yupoo Mens Womens can be controlled! Color: camouflage & ltYupoo Nike X Fear of God joint scheduled schedules fixed 380g double yarn combed velvet fabric high -temperature pre -processing three -dimensional versions side sewing buckle , Magic Patch Original Opening Modeling Pocket Zipper, Brand Hanging Block Double-Pink Cyping Cross-sewing Craft Original Master Wash Tag Packaging SIZE: S-XL

Balenciaga/ Balenciaga 22FW embroidery dual hook stitching Yupoo Jacket Clothing jacket to buy YB custom fabrics. The latest logo design uses imported machine embroidery. YUPOO MENS WOMENS is versatile on the upper body, and it is strongly suggested that one person. SIZE: S-XLGucci Yupoo Gucci GUC 22FW Single -breasted retro shirt uses oblique gauze fabric, which does not hurt the skin, three -dimensional style, clear contours similar to cotton fabrics like denim materials, 1: 1 restore the YB logo LOGO stereo new four -in -button color color matching color is particularly full. The high -level sense of high -level and concave shape workmanship is also extremely complicated in one -line craftsmanship. Many Internet celebrities wear trendy temperament.Stussy Stussy Limited Mao Woors Sleeve Embroidery Baseball Jacket This year's baseball uniforms are too hot, and various brands have shipments. The color brought this time is relatively difficult, and the color adjustment has been performed many times before and after. Because there are two types of wool ginseng ZP, the use of pure wool fabrics is constantly controlled. The sleeve is made of thick imitation cowhide PU, and the 2x2 contrasting thread is fixed, and the ball will not be loose. The back of the chest back is three-dimensional embroidery. The details can be seen in the details. The bids/washing/main standards are all customized according to the original version.Louis Vuitton 22FW brooch embroidery hat shirt was originally 8750 purchased development activity black fixed dyeing fabric 26s 390g high -secret cotton small letters embroidery+positioning open hooded loose version design new hardware opening modular materials Color-made characters The original three-standard auxiliary materials: XS-L

Louis Vuitton 22FW brooch embroidery yupoo pants original version 8150 purchased development activity black fixed bombs grab fabric 26s 390g high -definition cotton small letters embroidery Color-made characters The original three-standard auxiliary materials: XS-LFENDI/ Fendi 22FW Double F embroidery logo round neck Yupoo Hoodies Clothing original purchasing, pair -dyeing noodle thread, tattoo stitching body design, Hasukan car line, full accessible equipment! The fabric uses 32S combed cotton+32S cotton cotton cotton Double -twisted Yupoo Hoodies Clothing fabric, 7S single -stock Yu Lin bottom 380g; with 21S/1 combed cotton+2*2 罗 双, 380 grams. The front and back of the cloth surface are full of design, the natural environmental protection raw materials are woven, and the front is flat and uniform. The bottom surface is composed of a flat needle coil and a coil with an extended sedimentation arc.

Louis Vuitton 22FW Five -Line Enemical Ending Embroidered Yuanneer Yupoo Hoodies Clothing 10200 Buy the original development of the dyeing activity black grasping cotton fabric 26s 360g combed cotton coarse embroidery technology Type-supported three-standard auxiliary materials Anti-standard alphabet ingredients Customized ingredients Watermark SIZE: XS-LYupoo Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton LV22FW Laohua Switching Baseball Fabrics I have customized for more than a month, the color component is reduced by one to one! Mixed and fixed, there are more than 900 grams of total weight! The most important thing is its color fastness, which will definitely not fade! Australian imported calf leather for the sleeve, processing, coloring, water washing, and pattern retaining the lines retain The original particle structure! Thick and full and round! Embroidery uses imported towel embroidery machines. Embroidery each pattern on Mao Zhan first, carve it out of infrared laser, and then fix the sewing machine. From the perspective of the layman, you also understand!

GUCCI/ YUPOO Gucci 22SS weaving pearl pearl long -sleeved long -sleeved Yupoo Sweater originated from the college style of the Ivy League school in northeast of the United States, which continues to affect Gucci's design direction. Today, this concept has surpassed the original perspective of lifestyle and is characterized by brand iconic elements and silhouettes. This round neck Yupoo Sweater uses red and green webbing edges and Tonghua Yupoo Gucci pattern design to cleverly interpret the college's style elements. SIZE: S-LMADISON Margiela Mage Lacquer Classic Classic Classic Classic Circle Yupoo Hoodies Clothing -Martin Margiela, a well -known Balenciaga (Balenciaga (Balenciaga (Balenciaga, technology of deconstructing and reorganizing Yupoo Clothing technology, ) Designer Nicolas Ghesquiere has always been a loyal fan of the Martin Margiela brand.



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